How do I Prepare a New SSD for Win 10 Install

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    Thanks, But I meant after creating an image, then restoring it to an empty drive I cannot boot from it. I disconnect all other drives and try to come up to it and fail.
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    With both your current OS drive and the drive with the restored image connected, please post a screenshot of Disk Management. This will tell you how.

    This will tell you how to post a screenshot

    When you made the image, did you verify it?

    Read over this tutorial. You can ship part 4 about Incremental and Differential images.
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    Its a can-o-worms but I'll open it if you like. I am new to this and want to practice restoring an image to a disk and successfully booting it up and running.
    First, please note I may be pushing the envelope because I imaged a 1TB SSD C:\ and restored the image to a 750GB HDD. I was told it shouldn't matter as long as the space is available. I'm not so sure.

    The verification came back "OK". I don't know how because when I open the C:\ I imaged, and the drive I restored to side by side and do a properties they report different capacities.
    So I started doing comparison properties on folders in each drive and found several folders on the restored image drive to report 0 bytes. When I tried to open the empty folders I get,
    How do I Prepare a New SSD for Win 10  Install-folder-error.png I was going to try and populate these folders correctly. I cant open, copy to, or delete them. Not even in an elevated command prompt. I know its not what I should have to do but I'm game. I get the same error in the command line window.
    When I try to boot to the restored image drive its the only one connected. It comes up saying to insert bootable media,
    Here is the screen shot you requested.
    Disk 1 is my USB 3.0 camera card reader.
    Disk 2 is a secure key USB Stick for banking.
    Disk 4 is the restored imaged drive. I run Win10 Pro x64. Thanks
    How do I Prepare a New SSD for Win 10  Install-restored-image.png
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    When you did the image, where did you store the image? When you made the image, did you select the 'Create an image of the partitions necessary to restore Windows?

    How do I Prepare a New SSD for Win 10  Install-z.jpg

    You have plenty of space, that shouldn't be a problem. I'm not sure which folders you tried to open, but some folders you can't open without 'extraordinary' efforts. That's by design. It appears you are in UEFI mode. If so, it looks as though there may be some partitions missing. One won't really matter. One won't show in Disk management but if not there it will cause serious problems. Have you tried booting into safe mode with only the restored disk attached or running startup repair with only the restored Disk?
    This will show how to get into the Advanced Startup options, Use Option 5 to boot from the installation USB/DVD Advanced Startup Options - Boot to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    Option 1 in this tutorial will show you how to boot into safe mode from Advanced Startup as well as run startup repair. Safe Mode - Start Windows 10 in - Windows 10 Forums See Option 1.
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    'Create an image of the partitions necessary to restore windows


    You may have hit on my dyslexia type comprehension.
    did you select the 'Create an image of the partitions necessary to restore Windows?
    No I did not.
    I may have read this as only the partitions required to start windows. I went to the help files and they don't make this real clear either.
    If I were Macrium to avoid support traffic I would at least include "The image selected disk on this computer" option may or may not include partitions(s) required to backup and restore windows.

    Anyways, to me it looks like if I select all the images I'll get it all, and if I select the include startup and run windows option that's all I'll get.

    So i am imaging with the include partitions required to restore windows as I type. Is OK to use the PC while imaging, I take it snap shot takes care of this?
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    essenbe said:
    I have always done that too. However, I found out today that the 'Defragger' does not defrag an SSD but 'Trims' it.

    Optimize and Defrag Drives in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    Been like that since Windows 8. They renamed it to optimisation rather than defragging. No need to change the scheduled optimisation at all - in fact better to leave it really.
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    I imaged and went to work. I'm back and restoring it to and empty drive. I'll try to boot to it tomorrow. Thanks,
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    Good luck!
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    It didn't work. Got the below. Not necessarily in that order.
    Tried the Macrium repairs with no success. I will try windows repair this weekend.
    If Macrium is imaging the drive accurately how come it will not boot? Verify was OK.
    I read all kinds of KUDOS for Macrium but am not having the same results.

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    I have no idea. It has always worked for me.
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