I had done an Upgrade from 1511 to 1607 on a client's computer this morning so I grabbed the install.esd, put it on a Thumb drive and sneaker-netted it to my main computer, used the ESDtoISO thingy to create the .iso file, burned it to DVD and Copied it to the Thumb drive [needs about 4.5GB free space]. I have started the install from disc on a Notebook and mounted the file from Thumb drive on a Desktop. An interesting feature or change is it did not prompt to Skip entering the Product Key but instead has a line about I'm reinstalling on this computer. But, on one I chose Not to look for updates and it only wanted the Key entered while the other I chose to let it look for updates, got the line I described. Both are working on the install now. Apparently the I'm reinstalling on this computer is "running home to momma", to take a phrase from Hunt for Red October, to check for a valid install so being connected to the 'net is important in one aspect but not in the other [if one has the Key].

One other thing about the ESDtoISO is you need just under 8GB free space to do the conversion, resulting .iso file is about 4.2GB.