Wow – I have just had one of the strangest computer troubleshooting experiences I have ever had.

I attempted to repair the BCD with EasyBCD. Afterward, I rebooted. The computer would not boot up – in fact, it wouldn’t even get past the initial motherboard screen. If I pressed DEL, it would not even boot into the UEFI BIOS. I was sure I had screwed it up beyond all repair.

I looked on a forum, and someone recommended unplugging all drives, both internal and external, and trying to boot up. I did that, and this time I was able to get into the BIOS. I then plugged in one drive at a time, shutting down the computer between each one. Every time it booted up fine.

What’s even more strange: all of the additional Windows Boot Manager listings were no longer showing up in my BIOS. I have no idea if it was what I did in EasyBCD, or just the act of turning off the power to the computer somehow cleared out the BIOS somehow.

In any event, it appears ALL of the issues I was having when I started this thread are now resolved. NavyLCDR, thank you for all the help!