Definitive Answer: Is the free upgrade really expired?  

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    NavyLCDR said:
    You guys are killing me here! Look at my post #1. Especially the last screenshot posted. Notice which build of Windows 10 I used in my test. Version 1607, build 13493.0.
    Sorry I hadn't spotted that detail.
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    It's not Microsofts fault that some hardware manufactures can't or won't get their act together in a year.

    I also know that many computer users couldn't do anything about the slow reaction of hardware manufactures.

    Microsoft can't give free W-10 for ever waiting for manufactures and computers users to catch up.
    Damn folks it been a year.
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    NavyLCDR said:
    You guys are killing me here! Look at my post #1. Especially the last screenshot posted. Notice which build of Windows 10 I used in my test. Version 1607, build 13493.0.
    I am not trying to "kill" you. I am also not buying it at this stage that your test is a definitive answer to question has MS extended the free upgrade offer. I am only reporting from my tests.

    Two times now upgrade to 1607 from the 1511 I installed and activated with Windows 8.1 key earlier today has failed to activate. Two times going back and re-installing 1511 on the same machine activation has worked.

    Let me put it this way: Are you really trying to tell us that your test yesterday evening your time is definitive, conclusive and absolute proof that MS has extended the offer, although they keep repeating that the offer has been ended?

    With your "you are killing me" comment you kind of make yourself an absolute authority in this matter, laughing to any contradicting test results. My tests now today implicate that the case is not simple and might just be a glitch in their activation servers.
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    groze said:
    This is getting confusing on some able to activate & others are not able to activate. I am not talking about downloading the assistive technologies iso.

    @alphanumeric I know you were planning on doing some testing some people have already tested that. Were you also going to do an upgrade from a windows 7 oemslp to windows 10 that has never been upgrade? I suspect those may still work, because shutting off the oemslp key would cause problem with both windows 7 & windows 10 users.
    The key in use when "upgrading" from an OEM-SLP install is irrelevant. As far as I know anyway. Activation status is what counts. Those OEM-SLP keys are generic keys and are blocked from manual entry when you try to clean install Windows 10. Enter one and it will be rejected. Windows 7 OEM-SLP PC's do not activate online. Those keys are blocked for activation even for Windows 7 PC's. They are black listed on the Microsoft activation servers. I will eventually do an upgrade on a Windows 7 OEM-SLP system never upgraded to Windows 10. I have a long list of scenarios to test though.
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    Kari said:
    I am not trying to "kill" you. I am also not buying it at this stage that your test is a definitive answer to question has MS extended the free upgrade offer. I am only reporting from my tests.
    Well, let's put it this way. Your statement posted yesterday:
    Kari said:
    [*]You cannot use Windows 7 or 8.1 key anymore to activate Windows 10

    was erroneous. At least at 19:30 Pacific time on 8/1/2016. As of that time and date, Microsoft was still allowing at least one method of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free and the particular method tested was activating Windows 10 with a Windows 7 product key - on the build of Windows 10 that would become the Anniversary update.
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    NavyLCDR said:
    Well, let's put it this way. Your statement posted yesterday was erroneous.
    Please stop now. Think this through.

    My statement was nor is it erroneous. It is at the moment the only factual statement about this matter, based on all available official facts from Microsoft, for example this:

    Definitive Answer: Is the free upgrade really expired?-image.png

    Screenshot directly from Microsoft's official Windows 10 Upgrade FAQ, from

    Let's think about this: Microsoft tells something, you say that because you got it activated as late as yesterday, Microsoft is not telling the truth and the offer has been extended which your test activation conclusively, absolutely with 100% certainty proofs beyond a doubt, your single test being a "definitive answer" to this question.

    I am also interested in testing everything about and around Windows. I want to have an answer for this question too but you have to excuse me, I'd rather take Microsoft's official answer as the factual one than your "definitive answer". I find it quite strange that you'd rather have us to accept your "definitive answer" as an absolute fact than see us to continue testing and trying to understand this, as if any other member testing this, any contradicting test and try would be an insult to you.

    Not all of our members have spare product keys to use for testing this. I have, therefore I am willing to use them to be sure. Unlike you I would not like see us at Ten Forums starting to post about how there's no worries, Microsoft has extended the free upgrade offer because I say so. IF I ever say so, post about it, it will be based on facts, not on a simple, single test.

    As I mentioned, I am quite surprised you take this matter so incredibly personally.

    Last edited by Kari; 02 Aug 2016 at 16:26.
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    OK, tests continue. At the moment I am willing to believe my activation problems might be because general issues with MS activation servers, seems that I am not only one having to keep activation after upgrade.

    Anyway, four times now upgraded an activated 1511 to 1607, every time lost digital activation. Every time restored 1511 by clean install, that will always get activated.
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    @Kari @NavyLCDR Why not just say this to people. For now you can try to upgrade but it may or may not activate. Please, don't use the assistive technologies unless you use assistive technologies. :)
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    Next upgrade in my test series after posting my previous post was successful, 1607 upgrade activated on machine which had 1511 clean installed and activated with Windows 8.1 PRO key only this morning, over three days after free upgrade offer ended.

    Yet I am still refusing to say Microsoft has extended the free offer. I am still vouching for a server glitch, based on official information from MS and statements like this by Mary Jo Foley, from IT journalists known to very close MS (article dated July 25th):

    But the reason Microsoft wants reviews of the Anniversary Update out now, a week ahead of the August 2 general availability date is because of the looming July 29 cut-off for the free Windows 10 update offer. After Friday, users still on Windows 7, 8, and 8.X won't be able to get Windows 10 -- including the coming Anniversary release -- as a free update. There won't be an extension to the offer.

    (Quote from First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update | ZDNet)
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    I think people are losing perspective here.

    I said earlier, (imo) it is not credible to think it is a glitch in the activation servers all over the world, as that is a major foul up of monumental proportions for which heads would roll.

    It is far more likely the reason MS said it was ending is nothing more than a PR exercise to enhance numbers upgrading.

    To me it is inevitable that some people will run into activation issues, call MS, and MS just tell them to enter the old key - for the vast majority of public, they will not even really understand what that signifies.

    I suspect MS have simply made a commercial decision it is better from a Company Reputation point of view to let a few stragglers quietly have a Grace Period rather than risk a backlash in the Media. The impact of negative image on share price is probably orders of magnitude higher than the lost revenue (which they would not have had anyway if those person updated).

    Remember MS wanted even more people to upgrade for free than actually did i.e. their long term revenue projections were based on a larger number than actually did do so - I am sure we all would agree that ad revenue is an important part of those projections.

    So I believe, this is deliberate to protect MS's commercial interests.

    Once majority have upgraded, they will probably quietly drop the activation ie once they are "immune" from a public backlash.
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