Hoping someone can point me in the right direction...the scenario - newly purchased desktop licensed for W7pro64 which was installed via dell recovery disk - no problems - upgraded to W10pro64 online - no problems, worked good with no issues I could see for a week+. I then realized that it should be setup in UEFI mode (totally new to me) and the SSD should have the USER folders permanently moved to the secondary HDD. Read through complete tutorial on that and this tutorial on clean install. Verified the procedure I planned to use with Kari on User Folders Move tutorial. Downloaded a W10 iso from Tech Bench site and made a bootable DVD to use for clean install. Used Parted Magic Secure Erase and cleared the SSD, allowing it time for trim/garbage removal, disconnect the secondary HDD cable. Reset the bios to UEFI mode, no legacy option roms and Secure Boot disabled. Successfully boot to DVD in UEFI mode from boot options screen and proceed with clean install with no problems until "Getting files ready for installation" step where it simply stops when showing 12-13% done. No error given, not locked up, etc. DVD and SSD drive lights become solid on. No change after over 2 hours of sitting. This has happened exactly the same now on 3 separate attempts at this. Verified each time that 4 partitions have indeed been created on the SSD...and I've removed them back to unallocated space before each further attempt. Any help with this situation would be greatly appreciated!