I can't find anyone else that has this, so my apologies for starting a new thread.

I'm stuck on the blue "Welcome to Windows 10!" screen. Under that it has my name, then at the bottom a clock-like logo and an "I'm not Paul" option. On the right there's a "Next" button.

When I click "next" nothing happens. After waiting a long (long, long) time I click it again. At that point it reboots to the same screen: "Welcome to Windows 10!"

It's not booting to anything, so asking me to download files or anything else is useless 'cause it will not boot. I've tried booting with the Windows 7 install disk in (no use). I've done the download Windows 10 to a bootable USB stick and it doesn't work. I've tried the Windows 7 rescue/recovery disk and it doesn't work.

Anybody know? I've disconnected everything except one monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Thanks ...