Should I Be Concerned and Extra Cautious

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  1.    27 Jul 2016 #41

    baumgrenze said: View Post
    Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but I Googled 'uninstall macrium reflect free' and opened a fire hose.

    "macrium reflect free" 6 uninstall■ - ╚═╦ Google■

    It is hard to decide if might dig a deeper hole if I try to use the Win7 uninstall utility if I intend to reinstall. I certainly don't want to go there.

    For example, high up among the hits were 'maxuninstaller' and 'totaluninstaller.' These look like a research project on each just to trust them.


    Using the Programs and Features to do an uninstall is fine for that. But let's try checking on your SSD for firmware updates, or a Crucial Toolbox, to check the health of the SSD.
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  2.    27 Jul 2016 #42

    baumgrenze said: View Post
    Thank you for persisting!

    Is there a Macrium Reflect 'guru' or two that I could PM and ask (just in case one is away on extended vacation?)

    Thanks again

    In speaking with another member here, it seems that, since the images are being created, but they're not being successfully verified, makes it sound like a problem reading the disk. That's why we suggested Crucial tools to see if we can check the health of the SSD.

    This should be the link you need:
    Crucial Storage Executive Tool | Firmware Download |

    EDIT: Let's make sure your new Toshiba drive is healthy as well:
    Seatools - please run the long test on the new Toshiba drive.

    SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use - Windows 7 Help Forums

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  3. baumgrenze's Avatar
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    win 7 pro x64 (upgrade from XP/Pro OEM)
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       27 Jul 2016 #43

    Clean Install?

    In March 2014 I did a clean install of Win7/Pro x64, migrating from XP/Pro.

    It was not easy. I had to swap drives (and BIOS settings) for a week or more and then reinstall working software.

    I 'explored' image backups, but never put the effort into learning how. My experience in this thread is 'off putting' at a minimum.

    I have an currently unused 128 GB Crucial (CT128M550SSD1) in my system. Can it be used for a clean install? Will MS activate it if I can supply the Win7 Installed Key and the Product ID?

    Can I use the approach I used to upgrade to Win7? I connected only had one drive to the MOBO and the had the ISO on a thumb drive. When I got in trouble, I disconnected that drive for the new OS, reconnected the old one, and I could work and post from just one system.

    Or do I need to have a key file on the new drive, perhaps even a working version of Win7 on it for Win10 to install as a 'free upgrade?'

    I hate to think about rebuilding the programs, but I could download Macrium Reflect early and see if it runs under Win10.


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  4.    27 Jul 2016 #44

    The ISO you downloaded recently from MSTechBench, version 1511, will activate using your W7 key (Pro for Pro). You could:

    1. Clean install to the unused SSD and use the W7 keycode to activate, then reinstall all your programs.
    2. Make a Macrium image of your W7 OS and "restore" it to the new SSD. Try to upgrade the new SSD to W10. That way, if it fails, you still have your old setup to fall back on.
    3. Try Cloning the W7 OS to the unused SSD; then try upgrading the new SSD.
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  5.    27 Jul 2016 #45

    One thing you could try is putting an image on your internal SSD, connected directly to your motherboard, to see if it verifies. That way we can rule out any problem with your hot-swap dock.
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  6.    27 Jul 2016 #46

    Let's do this:

    Hook up your empty SSD to your motherboard, and disconnect every other drive.
    Have only keyboard, mouse and monitor connected to the machine.
    Using the ISO you downloaded from MSTechBench, clean install W10 to the bare SSD (You can use a flash drive if you like).
    Input your W7 key when it asks for one.
    Get W10 up and running.

    Check that it is activated: Start>Settings>Update & security>Activation

    It should say Windows is activated with a digital license.

    If you can get this done, you're all set and the pressure is off.
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  7. baumgrenze's Avatar
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       28 Jul 2016 #47

    Firmware Update On This Drive First

    Would it be smart to update the firmware on this drive before starting the process?

    I downloaded the x64 version tonight.


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  8.    28 Jul 2016 #48

    baumgrenze said: View Post
    Would it be smart to update the firmware on this drive before starting the process?

    I downloaded the x64 version tonight.


    Yes! Always be completely updated - it's a must! :)

    For the ISO to flash: You can use 7-zip to right-click the ISO and mount it, then copy all the files over to the flash drive. Also, the easiest way to get W10 on a flash drive is to use the Media Creation Tool and let that do it for you.
    Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums

    - So, update the FW on the empty SSD.

    - Put the ISO on a flash drive.

    USB Flash Drive - Create to Install Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    - Disconnect all drives except the new SSD.

    - Boot to the flash drive and install, using your W7 key when it asks. Expect that to take approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

    Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

    - Once installed, let it run for a few hours to "hydrate" (LOL - not my term, Microsoft's!)

    - Verify it's activated (you can just type activation in the search box to get there). If it's not, give it a reboot or two.

    - Turn off Fast Startup and turn on System Restore. Set a restore point.

    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    System Restore Point - Create in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    - Install Macrium and make an image and be sure to verify it. Create a W10 folder on your external drive in which to save it.

    I have asked another member, @essenbe, to be available for you today, as I will be AFK. He will answer any questions you may have.

    Good luck! :)
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       28 Jul 2016 #49

    I'm subscribed. I'll help where I can.
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  10.    28 Jul 2016 #50

    essenbe said: View Post
    I'm subscribed. I'll help where I can.
    Thanks essenbe!
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