CandleJakk said:
Thanks. So, if I wanna reinstall Windows 10, what should I do? Burn the disc or buy new Windows?
Why would you buy Win10 when it's still offered as a free upgrade?
Burn the disc and upgrade for free!

I and other members have stated that DBAN is not necessary. I provided instructions on DBAN and a video. The difference between the choices are

Remove my files: you don't need DBAN if you slect this

Remove files and clean the drive: This is a very long process where the files are remove and the bits are written one-by-one with some secure overwrite method.
That will probably be your next qestion if DBAN gives you choices:
Simple overwrite: all 1s or all 0s
DOD secure wipe: This is ridiculous to select if you are just installing an OS - but you seem bent on using DBAN, so you might think this is better - it's NOT ... it's just very long and completely unnecessary. If you have DOD top secret information on your machine and you were going to sell it, then maybe, but it would be easier to buy and install a new drive to replace the top secret data than to wipe it with DBAN.

All you ever wanted to know about starting fresh can be found in this tutorial

Clean Install Windows 10

I'm going to bow out - good luck.