W10Pro, Custom Image, Clean Install, Multiple Disk, Push Button Reset

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    W10Pro, Custom Image, Clean Install, Multiple Disk, Push Button Reset

    Hello, I've been following tutorial here and on Technet since last year when Windows decided to do an auto-update on my old laptop which hastened its demise.

    Since then, I've bought a new laptop (Originally with Windows 8.1, until it suffered the Auto-Update fate of it's predecessor), that I've half heartedly made a custom Windows 10 image for, but just wanted to ask here to see if I'm on the right track for what I want do do.

    My goal was to replicate the best as I can what the Laptop would have been like, had the OEM originally put Windows 10 Pro on to it, with the correct drivers, and software, but, with a change to hardware configuration to move the 'Users' folder to another Disk, while the OS was installed on another.

    I'm getting ready to start my studies again, and wanted to get my laptop running correctly and not have any incidents similar to last year that ended up trashing my assignments.

    I've been on the phone to Microsoft already & also had remote support, but I am slowly beginning to lose my trust, if not already, because it took a tech 3 hours to get me a link to a Windows 8.1 ISO that worked, after telling him I didn't want Windows 10 installed on the current laptop he was remotely connected to, and that was after he gave me the link I gave him that didn't work, and also just before he tried to push Windows 10 on to the laptop that I told him I didn't want Windows 10 installed on to, and I also threatened to ask for a refund for the Professional edition I had just bought.
    Not only that, but I had another tech tell me my 8.1 Academic license was basically a perpetual key that could activate multiple computers with Windows 10 Pro, and I also had Senior technicians blow their mind when they connected to both my tablet/transformer book and my laptop to find they were using the exact same retail key, with my transformer book losing it's original OEM key.
    I also had a lengthy conversation (swearing mostly) with them after Candy Crush decided to install itself on to the Professional Edition.

    We then found out that any created newly Microsoft account will automatically 'Own' the Candy Crush app in the Windows Store & I told them that it was unacceptable.

    Hearing the the anniversay build will enable you to hide all that junk in the Windows store, I wanted to get my set up working properly, without intervention from anyone at the call centre, because I simply do not trust them anymore.

    Here is a more detailed list of my hardware and what I'm trying to do & things I have experienced so far:


    1. Disk 0 - Needs to be the NVMe Disk. (If I do a reset, with multiple disks, partitioning may or may not be done on this disk on the PCIE slot, but on the Disk that is currently connected to SATA)

      Is there a way for me to do a clean install and specify that the OS must go on to the NVMe Disk?
      I thought about trying to tell the installation to check which controller the drive is in and select the NVME but I don't know how to do that.
      I also thought about trying to compare drive sizes and tell the installation to carry out the partition script on the drive that is the smaller of the two; NVME = 256GB, SATA = 512GB, but I don't know how to do that either.

    2. Or, Do I really need to do an installation with only one drive connected?
      because: Disk 1 - Is the disk where 'Users' folder will be located. Previously, I have successfully installed W10 and W8 with two drives and moved the Users folder during installation, however, I did not need to specify a disk, as they were both the same.

    3. I'm following tutorials here:

      OEM deployment of Windows 10 for desktop editions

      But since first starting this project/repair in August last year, the tutorials at the MSDN site have referred tutorials to multiple programs from the ADK; DISM, Windows ICD, Windows SIM, and this year I came across one that asked me to use Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.

      I am now completely confused as to where and what I should be doing? What would be the best for me?

    4. I'll need to write a new script to partition the NVME disk with an extra hidden partition to store all the customizations, install image, and settings, so that if required and my laptop blows up like last time, I am able to perform a clean install by booting to Windows PE/RE and installing from that partition.

      All my attempts so far results in an unstable refresh, because:

      I've gotten lazy booted in to Recovery mode, and xcopied the entire User folder to another disk, rename it on the OS to 'BACKUP' and created a junction link to the other Disk, and then didn't move it back after reset/refresh, and the refresh doesn't contain an unattended file to move the folder back to the other disk because I've been stuck.

      I did use an Unattend file after following the tutorial here, but found that it still left a User folder on the OS Drive, and on first log on Windows would create libraries on both drives.

      I've probably followed the tutorials correctly, but because they have all been seperate projects I've done, my attempt to merge them all in to one is completely wrong, and somewhere along the way I am doing something incorrectly.

      What is the correct procedure for what I am trying to do? Junction link the User folder to Disk 1, or use the Unattend file?

    5. Going from the beginning, what would be the best process for me?

      I've downloaded the stand alone Updates for Windows 10 and I will attempt to add those to my custom image, as well has the drivers for the notebook.

      I have a set of drivers that I want & added to the image and do not want Windows to install the drivers that it thinks I should have, because the driver/software set that it installs removes some of the functionality I have with the drivers I have selected.

      Will I need to use DISM, Windows ICD, Windows SIM & Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager? or will I be able to everything using just one of those?

    6. Would this be acceptable for partions & Correct order, on the OS disk with the Custom Recovery/Install?

      [Windows Recovery] [EFI System] [Reserved] [The Fixed Size Custom Recovery Partition & Install.wim & Drivers, etc.] [Primary] [Over Provisioning]

      I've attached an image of the current setup of the hard drives in Disk Management and Diskpart


    I'm currently studying Computer programming, and wanted to take this on as a project and get it right, as I wanted to be able to work with hardware and software, so I can develop things that makes life easier for other people.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails CCC.PNG  
      My ComputerSystem Spec


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