On start up I get a message that no OS can be found.

The SSD drive, id'd as drive zero, is present in the advanced sata configuration secton of bios (3402). It is also available in the boot override portion of the boot section. It does not show up as a selection in any of the boot options. My other HDD and cd/dvd drive are there. I can start by hitting SSD boot override in the bios and the system works normally.

In the disk management after I do start up the firstportion of the disk is ID's as system reserved; (system, active, primary partion) 350 MB
The second partition is ID's as c: (healthy, boot, crash dump, primary partition) 55 GB
the third portion is ID'd as 450 MB (healthy recovery partition)

I am in tech preview and recently attempted to get vmware player running but took it off as it did not help me as I thought it would.

thanks for any inputs.