If I understand your question ... the instructions contained in the compressed folder can be used for ISOs downloaded from the Windows 10 ISO link I posted. They are not specific to Techbench, that was just the place MS put them before they released 10.1607. You could alos use the Media Creation Tool to create the ISOs you need, but I think it is easier to directly download get the ISOs.

I'm not sure what you mean
I think the "Add Multilingual Support to Windows Setup" tutorial is only a worth tutorial for creating Multi Creating Multi-Architecture or Multi-Language USB Sticks.

Isn't that what you're trying to do?

Have you tried to actually do any of the instructions - that might make it easier.
Start with the Add Multilingual Support to Windows Setup and see what you get.

I'm not going to be much help, I'm working on other threads and I don't have the resources to try to build English, French, Arabic install media with Home (x32 & x64) + Pro (x32 + x64). That is a big project - I'm just a volunteer trying to point in in the right direction.

All I know about what you want to accomplish is what I and Kyhi have already posted.

I don't think it's all that hard, new yes, but it would be new for me too.
As I've mentioned before - this is a one off project that you will have to test and experiment on your own now that you have some directions.

I will be signing off of this thread - best of luck.