Fast Start/Fast Boot/Hibernation Settings for OEM Win10/64 Pro SSD?

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    Fast Start/Fast Boot/Hibernation Settings for OEM Win10/64 Pro SSD?


    Looking for guidance on optimal settings for new Dell system before I fire it up (specs in my profile).

    This is my first Win10 system and my first desktop, "production box" PC with dual drives (SSD (OS) + spinner (data)) and UEFI.

    I have read the many fabulous (!) tutorials on "fast start", "fast boot", "secureboot", "hibernation", "Advanced Boot Options", "power" and "UEFI firmware".
    But I am a nearly-silver-surfer and an auto-didact, when it comes to computers.
    So I still have questions based on the new hardware and OS, compared to Win 7 with HDD.
    And I'm not 100% sure of the default settings for some of these under Win 10, so I don't know what needs to be tweaked.

    My main priorities are system stability and prolonging the life of the SSD, rather than "performance" (e.g. ultra-fast boot).
    • A few seconds longer to boot from a cold start is fine, as long as that does not cause excessive SSD wear.
    • I do not game, Skype or even stream videos -- mostly "productivity apps" (Office, Acrobat, Photoshop, Snagit) work, streaming radio, internet, email.
    • My current Win7 desktop power settings are: display (screen saver after 10 min, off after 20 min) and hard drive sleep (never).
    • I have seen it mentioned that some 3rd-party AVs need a full, cold "shutdown", rather than "fast start" in order to fully set some of their patches/updates/features. But I do not find much/any documentation for this.

    So, my questions boil down to:
    1. Hibernate: Disable entirely or enable with default settings or enable with reduced size, to save space on SSD?
    2. Fast Start: Enable or Enable with Reduced Size or Disable? (Yes, I know that hibernation needs to be enabled to use Fast Start.)
    3. Fast Boot: Yes or No?
    4. "Secureboot": Enable or Disable?
    5. Power settings: what's best to prolong SSD life and provide maximum system stability (IOW avoiding wake-from-sleep issues)?

    This is only the first of what I know will be many questions, as I try to beat Windows 10 into submission.

    And I sincerely thank you in advance for your wisdom.


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    My system is set up "Let Windows Take Care of Windows".
    Meaning I installed Windows 10 letting the installer take care of everything.

    Install the OS and any drivers then run winsat formal in an admin command prompt, reboot, and Windows will set the system up for your SSD and any HDDs you have.

    I do recommend keeping Fast Start, in settings app, turned off, , as I have had problems with some tiles such as Mail & Calendar refreshing/updating, and FilePendingRename need a restart or complete shutdown & boot to make any changes to system files. The SSD will boot fast enough.

    In Bios keep Secure & Fast boot on.

    Do not worry about writes, the newer SSDs will probably outlast your MOBO these days:)
    Only obvious thing(and I know you already do this MM) back up all data,
    because when a SSD goes to hell, the data is totally unrecoverable, as opposed to a HDD, where if you're lucky, some might be saved.

    All tweaks are totally unnecessary, as Windows 8-10 makes system settings for EACH disk independent of the other, for example Prefetch is automatically turned off for SSDs, but on for the HDDs in a mixed build.
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    Win10/64 Pro 1511 (and 2 Win 7/64 Ult & Pro systems)
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, @Cliff S.

    Sorry if my post was confusing: this is an OEM Win10 box, not a home-build, and not an upgrade from 7 to 10 (I mentioned my Win7 systems only for background/context).

    Thanks for the excellent suggestions!

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    I completely agree with Cliff S, except I disable secure boot in UEFI. Windows 10 boots from an SSD fast enough that I have fast startup turned off in the power settings. I also am a firm believer in letting Windows manage itself otherwise.

    The reason I disable secure boot in UEFI is I like to play around with different operating systems and secure boot interferes with that. If you are just going to stick with the single installation of Windows 10 then there isn't much need to disable secure boot.
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    Win10 drops screen saver (I think) - besides it's an antiquated notion if you turn off display after ... minutes of inactivity.

    Hibernate and Fast start are pretty much the same and are not needed, IMO.
    Disable Hibernate (Admin command > powercfg /h -off)

    Fast boot: UEFI only ... your choice, but might change booting from a Thumb drive. On, you might have to boot to the Thumb drive from within Windows.
    USB Drive - Boot from in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    Secure boot: I would leave this on as it adds one more security level. Navy points out the cons if you test other OSes.

    Other things I disable, uninstall, turn off.
    Most UWP Apps get uninstalled (cCleaner does this easily or you can use PowerShell)
    Apps - Uninstall in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    All Privacy options are enabled (or disabled depending on how the option is worded)
    The Ultimate Windows 10 Security and Privacy Guide

    I disable WER (rarely found any help from this) and Windows Experience (that disables most telemetry)
    Windows Error Reporting
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Action Center
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Action Center\Change Action Center settings
    Scroll down to the text links

    Any CEIP has ties back to MS telemetry
    How to Opt Out of the Microsoft Office Customer Experience Improvement Program

    I do not let programs to continue running in the background (Chrome) and some UWP Apps.

    I turn off access to almost everything (microphone, camera, sensors, location, maps, contacts, radios) - most of these settings are for the UWP Apps, which as you already know, I uninstall. If you use or try UWP Apps, these settings affect those Apps (mail needs contacts and mail, calendar needs contacts, maps, needs maps ... ) you get the idea
    You might want to leave these alone until you're more familiar with Win10 or you're done playing with UWP Apps. I think most will alert you if they need access and it's not on.

    I do not display anything (that I can control) on my lock screen

    I'm sure there is more.
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    Win10/64 Pro 1511 (and 2 Win 7/64 Ult & Pro systems)
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the help.
    Kinda swamped this week and mostly AFK (or at least AFF).
    But I will be back with more questions soon, I imagine.

    Thanks again!
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    I knew there was more ... not paranoid, but keep my system as tight as possible.

    Windows update:
    Windows Update Automatic Updates - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    I disable both wirelesss and wired. It gives me a chance to review them before installing.

    I haven't had to hide any updates on my machines, but other members had some KBs that are known issues
    Windows Updates - Hide or Show in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    I only get Windows updates (not for other MS products) and I Defer updates
    Select PCs on my local network, and turn off Updates form more than one place
    Windows Update - Choose how you Download in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    I'm sure there is still more.

    Your customization will surely be different.

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