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Hi. Just thought that I would let you know the latest.
I decided to install the ThunderBird email And it all went good.:)
Great! Glad to hear it. I just finished installing TB email client on the neighbor's computer yesterday.

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Slight hitch with the address book to import the address into TB overcome that okay.There was one thing that I had to do was to uninstall the W10 mail app as it was causing a slight issue with TB.
All is Huncky Dorry now email is working great and all notification are spot on.:)
Interesting that you had the Mail App giving you grief - I did not experience that on the system I was working on yesterday, but will keep that in my back pocket, should I find troubles in the future. I'm glad all is working properly now and the notifications are active as they should be. :)

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Must thank You very much for all you help on this subject.Glad to have some help as this is all new to me.I was a mechanical engineer before retiring then decided to take up this to keep my mind occupied.
Big Ta from welsh wales.

PS Looking at some other people that are using TB they have some colour in the TB will be finding more how to get that.
You are quite welcome. It's all new to all of us. Good idea - Windows 10 will definitely keep you occupied! The Anniversary update will be coming out to you next month. Maybe this will help: Themes for Thunderbird . Have fun and Cheers!

p.s. You can mark the thread as solved. Thanks.