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First find out if your system boots Legacy, CSM, or UEFI
BIOS Mode - See if Windows Boot in UEFI or Legacy Mode
works in Win10 just as well

It makes a difference on how you create the media and what you have to disable (or not for Legacy & CSM)

I alsways advise members to backup all personal data, then Clean the drive (wipe it clean, no partitions on it), disconnect all external devices (except mouse, Keybd, and monitor) and... and... disconnect any internals drives except for the one that you are going to install Win10.

In the simplest of terms - no partitions on the drive-blnak-empty-clean
Let Windows create the partitions it needs during the install.

If you need or want to adjust it, do so after Windows is up and running.

The Tut covers it well (glad you read it and asked questions!)

Step 12 if you find that your system is UEFI

Step 13 if not your system is NOT UEFI
On my way home soon and will be giving this a bash tomorrow night .... expect me back looking for help