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Time to catch up again!
Did you get a fresh ISO?
You seem to have some collateral problem areas. The combination of six drives (partitions???) on an expansion bus sounds a little iffy to me!
If you have a freshly burned DVD for an install it might save you some time to pull the expansion card, the Win8.1 SSD start at square one.
Pull everything but the SSD you're going to put Win10 on.........
Shut down, insert the DVD, and boot.
You'll have a clean install on the only partition available on the machine!!
If that is successful maybe start adding on one piece at a time to find any errors or boo boos or doo doo!!!!!
(I'm having problems myself this morning with 10061 so you have a couple of installs and updates to go before we can tell if you're having fun!)

Are you a mind reader or a hidden webcam in my room ?

That is what I have been doing all day - starting from bare drives. I HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR ONCE YUP I am up and running with 10061 after a lot of palaver and hassle with MS How are you putting 10061 on ? ISO ?

If you are stop. go to settings - windows update - advanced options - change Choose how preview builds are shows to fast. do a check update and you should find 10061 installs automatically , much quicker than a down load.

I still could not get 10049 to install froze at around 54% and diagnosis log file said it could not find a dll. Eventually got 9926 installed and did the upgrade. I know it is new software but why do MS make it soooh difficult

All I have to do now is sort out my PCI sata board, Ports 1 and 3 work fine but 0 and 2 dead. may check if problem with board, it seems strange that top 2 ports work but side 2 do not.

Anyway hope you are able to get sorted please let me know

All the very best Roger and many many thanks for your time and pointers - a great help


P.S. I forgot according to MS you can not do a bare install as it is a preview system ????????? (so why give us an ISO )