Hi, after some struggling I was able to clone (using Samsung Cloning Tool) my original Windows 8.1x64 from a Samsung 830 SSD to the Samsung 950 Pro in the Z170-A
onboard M.2 slot and boot Windows 8.1x64 from it.
Then I added a 2nd 950Pro mounted on a PCIe card to the 3rd PCIe slot and was able to successfully build a RAID 0 array in the BIOS using the EZtool.
The problem is that I was unable to see the RAID0 array in the bootable devices list, so when I try cloning or restoring the image with a 3rd party tool (Acronis True Image),
the restoring software reports that there's no disk detected (it does not see the RAID 0 array).
I'd appreciate any help on how to do this successfully.