Windows 10: Both USB and DVD installer hang at initial splash

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  1.    27 Mar 2015 #1

    Both USB and DVD installer hang at initial splash

    yesterday I downloaded the 10041 ISO from the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO March Update - Microsoft Windows

    I installed by mounting the ISO into a VirtualBox and enjoyed having a look around. In fact I like it so much at my initial impression I decided to move into a dual boot system.

    I have a 250gb SSD as my C: drive so I partitioned it and created a D: of 80GB for the Windows 10 preview.

    I then tried creating 2 different USB installers... one Rufus MBR for legacy BIOS... and the second using the microsoft USB/DVD installer tool. I also burnt a DVD.

    In all cases I used the very same ISO that I mounted sucessfully inside the VirtualBox yesterday.

    Each one of the 3 installers I created seemingly hangs at the initial black splash screen with the 4 blue windows in the centre. It goes no further and believe me I waited 20 minutes on one of them.

    BTW.... I tried opening the ISO in WINISO and then mounting to BD ROM drive. Then selected the setup.exe and away it goes just like setting up on the VBox ... but then it get to a screen which suggests I need to install a different language pack to the one already installed, so I immediately realised this route is trying to upgrade my Win 7 which I don't want... so I aborted.

    Anyone got any ideas please....?

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       28 Mar 2015 #2

    Please update your SF Systems Specs with complete information.
    • In the System Manufacturer/Model Number field, manually type Desktop or Laptop adding it to the information already in the field.
      The specific model number is important - there are often many models of a given series. For example, my machine is a HP Pavilion dv6, but there are tens of the dv6 series, so dv6-6c10us is the specific model.

    • Specify Custom Build as the manufacturer if it is not an OEM machine.

    The easiest way to do this is to use the information from a PUBLISHED Speccy report.

    Post the link to the report that Speccy gives you and after you submit the post, open the Speccy link. You can then put the windows side-by-side and simply copy the information from the Speccy report to your System Specs.

    Click here to view your system specs on SevenForums.

    Click on My System Specs in the lower left of any post by any member to see what is presented about their machine.

    Armed with the system information, I can suggest further actions, such as BIOS updates. But I know noshing about your machine other than it's a Samsung laptop running Win7 x64.

    If you have it, p[lease post the support page for your machine, OEMs often put this information in a Start menu group or in IE favorites. This will save me from having to look it up and ask if I found the correct page.


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       28 Mar 2015 #4

    Thanks for updating the information, here's what I found ...

    Machine Ref: NP-RV511E (NP-RV511-S01UK) | Support | SAMSUNG UK

    Samsung support is interesting ... I can't really figure out what versions are available because they use updater software.
    The date of your BIOS (from Speccy) looks about right for that machine though. I was hoping that might be the snag, but I'm not sure now.

    Lots of XP and Vista references on the support page, was this machine upgraded to Win7?

    At the bottom of the support page is this little tidbit: SW Update
    Using the SW Update function, you can easily download and install Windows 8 device drivers and software.

    How it might be useful, I'm not sure yet. Since your base machine is Win7, don't update the drivers to Win8 yet - maybe after Win10 gets installed, but Win10 should carry all of that with it.

    It worked in Virtual Box because the hardware is emulated.

    Try this, see if your machine is 8.1 ready (Win10 has the same requirements)
    Upgrade Assistant: FAQ - Windows Help
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  5.    28 Mar 2015 #5

    I'm also not terribly impressed with the info on the samsung support page for my model and what looks like duplication of drivers.

    The Windows 7 x64 came preinstalled on this laptop.

    BIOS was updated by me in 2012 when the version was released for this machine and device drivers are always regularly updated. The Nvidia driver updates are always notified when available and I always install.

    Tried the 8.1 upgrade assistant as you suggested and ran it on this laptop and it has no problem with selling me the 8.1 OS after checking compatibility.

    BTW.... I tried the following tho just realised windows defender was still on and I only turned off Kaspersky instead of uninstalling it.
    so I'll do it once again and make sure all the following is done exactly.

    What you can do before attempting the upgrade?You can do some pre-requisite tasks to ensure a smooth migration to Windows 10. If you are using a name brand computer such as a Dell or HP, go to the manufacturers website for the model computer you are using and download the latest available drivers for that computer. Store them on a disc or USB thumb drive. Important drivers you should try to obtain include Chipset, Network and Video Drivers. Its possible that they might have only Windows 7 drivers, those will work with Windows 10.
    Other things you can do:

    1. Uninstall any security software before attempting to upgrade.
    2. Disable any encryption software you might have installed.
    3. Disable/uninstall disk utility software such as DVD/CD burning utilities or third party defragment programs such as Perfect Disk.
    4. Make sure your computer is updated (devices and applications).
    5. Disconnect any external devices before installing.
    6. Check your hard disk for any errors:
      - Click Start
      - Type: CMD
      - Right click CMD then click Run as administrator
      At the Command Prompt, type: chkdsk /r /f
      Exit the command prompt.
      When you restart your system, your computer will be scanned for errors and attempts will be made to correct them.
    7. Another thing you can do is disable Start items:

    • Click Start
    • Type: MSCONFIG.
    • Hit Enter on your keyboard
    • On the General tab, click Selective Startup.
    • Under Selective Startup, click to clear the Load Startup Items check box.
    • Click the Services tab, click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable All.
    • Click OK.
    • When you are prompted, click Restart.
    • After the computer starts, check whether the problem is resolved.

    Run the System File Checker utility.
    SFC/Scannow checks your Windows installation for errors and corrects them. This will help with ensuring that a smooth upgrade occurs.
    Click Start
    Type: CMD, from the results, right click CMD
    Click ‘Run as Administrator’
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       28 Mar 2015 #6

    Thanks for the Win7 information (pre-installed on your box, not upgraded from XP or Vista).

    Sounds as though you're on top of things - that's always good! Some machines have software/drivers that are severely back level.

    I usually discount AV software, and I also forget to ask about encryption. So that's a good checklist.

    I took another look at your Speccy - I just re-read post#1 and wonder about the BD ROM software, Daemon tools has been know to cause issues on some machines, but I didn't see it - might have missed it.

    What I did see is a few scheduled tasks that might...might be part of the issue:
    Adobe Flash Player Updater
    ** ASC8_PerformanceMonitor
    ** ASC8_SkipUac_BASE-1268
    ** Driver Booster SkipUAC (BASE-1268)
    ** Driver Booster Update

    Please disable the tasks above, for test purposes.

    I'd rather see them uninstalled, particularly the Advanced System Care pkg. I understand if you want to avoid doing that, but ASC is also know to cause issues on some machines.

    The other thing I saw was Media Center extensions - this shouldn't cause an issue, but if you don't use Media Center, consider turning it off in Programs & Features -> Turn on or off Windows Features.

    You could try disconnecting all external devices while you attempt an install. Use the laptop KB and touchpad.

    The only other thing I want to look at is the NVidia driver - again, it doesn't seem to be out of range, but Win10 is moving to DirectX 12 and ... I'm not sure if the mobile GPU is interfering, so I need to do some research.

    Lots of I don't knows - everything looks right and you're doing the right things. This becomes a process of elimination and that's the right approach. Get to a base and move up until it 'breaks' - then you know what 'breaks' it.
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  7.    29 Mar 2015 #7

    So...... if i do a completely clean install onto a brand new SSD there is nothing that can cause conflict because the laptop has no system whatsoever and I tried that first.

    I removed the access cover and removed the Crucial 250GB with my Windows 7 system on it and inserted a brand new Samsung 850 Evo 250GB.

    Then plugged in only the Rufus USB installer and finally went to the BIOS to change boot priority to the USB.

    The Win 10 logo screen that comes up doesn't have the circle of clockwise spinning dots to indicate it's running and it just sits there refusing to do anything.

    By way of elimination that would suggest it has to be something in the machine..... or the thumb drive.... so I burned to a DVD but the same problem.

    When I put the Win 7 drive back in and used WINISO to mount the ISO to the BD ROM drive and execute the setup file it goes through all the initial updating and checking compatibility screens and looks like it will work.... but eventually it reaches the WIN 10 logo screen and again it stops right there.

    Surely there has to be a conflict with the installation instruction set and my laptop...?

    How can I run a logfile during the process to see which instruction is stopping it...?
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       29 Mar 2015 #8

    Slartybart said: View Post
    You could try disconnecting all external devices while you attempt an install. Use the laptop KB and touchpad.
    Also, if there are any things you can disable in the BIOS which aren't necessary to the install, you might try disabling them. I seem to remember over on eightforums, someone had a DELL laptop which would only let Windows 8 install once they'd disabled a built-in Bluetooth device.

    Edit: Another thought - does an earlier version of Windows install?

    I think you can still get Build 9926 from here, although I'm not sure how long that will stay there, so that might be worth a go.

    You could also try Windows 8 .1, I guess
    Full version here
    and trial version of Enterprise here
    I guess you won't have a product key so won't be able to go ahead with the install of the full version, but it might prove something if it even gets that far.
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  9.    29 Mar 2015 #9

    DavidY said: View Post
    Also, if there are any things you can disable in the BIOS which aren't necessary to the install, you might try disabling them. I seem to remember over on eightforums, someone had a DELL laptop which would only let Windows 8 install once they'd disabled a built-in Bluetooth device.

    Edit: Another thought - does an earlier version of Windows install?
    Thanks for the tip David.... of course I'd need to know exactly what is required to be enabled within the BIOS so I can try to disable the rest..??

    I downloaded the earlier version ISO but it's the same story.

    I also ran the Windows 8 compatibility upgrade assistant and got the green light to buy 8.1 from MS but only if I didn't expect to retain settings and apps.... personal data only as 6 of the programs I have flagged up as needing re-installation..... but as Bill suggested it was a good way of identifying that my machine has the compatible hardware for Windows 8.

    I have a Linux Gparted boot DVD with access to lots of utilities that run in the Linux environment...

    Does anyone know the commands to mount the Win 10 ISO from a CMD prompt to execute the 'setup' file from within the file structure as it will automatically log the process and we can then see where exactly it's stopping by logging the error...? This may just point to what might be preventing the install....?

    EDIT:.... I'm going to try installing Windows 8.1 Pro onto a clean SSD and see what happens...

    Edit 2.... So... 8.1 Pro is installed on a new SSD and I'm using it now... currently downloading 1.13GB of Samsung drivers for Windows 8 and will then sift thru and install the important ones... plan is I will then attempt to install the Win 10.041 TP on the other partition I prepared on this SSD and hopefully with zero conflicting 3rd party software and the correct drivers etc for win 8 I might get lucky... lets see...

    I have a SATA extension cable on he way and the plan has always been that I can then just swap out my everyday Win 7 drive with this new one without having to open the laptop every time.
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       29 Mar 2015 #10

    I have to admit that I'm stumped. Post# 7 is pretty much the cleanest install possible, if I read it correctly.

    I just want to be certain that you're booting from the install media (Thumbdrive or DVD) and not installing from inside Windows. The clean SSD basically answers that question, but the WINISO / BD ROM paragraph makes me question my own sanity. I'm pretty sure that you're saying that just to show how far the install gets compared to a booted install (or a VM install - which does complete successfully)

    It's a laptop, so there aren't a whole lot of components that might be installed and need to be removed to test. As long as every external device was NOT connected, I think you've done your due diligence.

    Here's a few TechNet articles that might get you started, they are very technical, but there might be something you can use in one or more of them to get past the issue. I was looking for a way to turn off device driver installation (use the base MS drivers), but I couldn't find a simple switch (i.e setup /disableDriverInstall). I'm sure there's a way to control that, but is it worth the time and effort to find the install stage and create a script to override it? That will be your decision - try to solve this or run Win10 in a VM until there is a release closer to RTM.
    Windows Setup Configuration Passes
    Windows Setup Log Files and Event Logs
    Deployment Troubleshooting and Log Files
    Windows Deployment with the Windows ADK

    The above is a lot of reading and a lot of testing. Your call on the way forward.

    I haven't read the pages entirely, but you seem fairly savvy. See what you can glean from them and ask some questions, I'll try to answer what I can (of course, I'll have to read the article more in full). There isn't any way for me to test what you have, so I'll probably punt on most of the answers. Other members have more experience in Windows deployment and they might stop by and offer you their suggestions.

    The difficulty I see is that the install doesn't complete, so will the logs be retained or does Windowes setup roll everything back. I think the logs will be there, but you'll have to boot back into Win7 and connect the SSD externally.

    This is some project - makes things interesting

    One shot in the dark - try the 32 bit ISO. Can't imagine how that would succeed, but hey .... who knows.
    If it turns out to be the NVidia GPU, there isn't anything you can do until MS updates it's driver package. A clean install booted from media to a clean SSD (it is unallocated - right?) has no knowledge of the hardware drivers until Windows gets to that section of the install (keeping in mind that hardware is mostly emulated in a VM).
    Please report feedback to MS through the Insider forum - there might be someone that knows Samsung issues.
    Windows Insider Program - Microsoft Community

    I'm stumped!

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