Windows 10: Another try

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    7 and 10 on various machines
       19 Apr 2016 #1

    Another try

    I have tried 10 a couple of times when the upgrade was free but it was so buggy and the privacy issues did worry me and on one machine the whole thing just froze.

    Now I am wondering if I am too late to install 7 onto a new drive and then upgrade for free?

    Edit I am doing it this way because I would rather like to keep my current drive with 7 available if anything goes south and I lose anything.
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    If the computer has had Windows 10 on it before from an upgrade there is no need to start with Windows 7. Just go straight to a clean install of Windows 10. The first upgrade will have stored a digital entitlement on Microsoft activation servers to activate Windows 10 with over the internet.
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    7 and 10 on various machines
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       19 Apr 2016 #3

    Hello Navy and thanks but this is the machine that froze with the original upgrade so I thought about reinstalling 7 but having re read your post maybe I can make an ISO and if that info is still in the machine it will activate it.

    Like I said it was very buggy at first and I thought I might just give it another go now some of the bugs have been cleared and I want to see what the settings/options are now for Microsoft accessing my data.
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    ICIT2LOL said: View Post
    Hello Navy and thanks but this is the machine that froze with the original upgrade
    In that situation, I would do this:
    Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums

    The upgrade likely never got to the point of creating a digital entitlement and saving it to Microsoft servers.
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    7 and 10 on various machines
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       19 Apr 2016 #5

    Thanks Navy so if I have 7 Pro now running on that machine - fresh install if I get the ISO do I just insert the ISO and install from that over the 7 Pro?? or will I need to wipe that drive clean and start afresh - am asking because I always have net access issues with fresh installs ie getting drivers on to a stick and then installing them to the new installed machine and I don't know if that would work with a clean drive and install from the 10 ISO.
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    Sorry, looks like I got you off track from your OP. Since you want to do an upgrade, there are two ways. The way that I would recommend is download the Windows 10 ISO file using either Media Creation Tool or Microsoft Tech Bench. Mount the ISO file inside Windows 7 and you will get a virtual drive letter, like a simulated DVD. You use a program like UltraISO or the mounting tool from Microsoft to mount the iso in Windows 7. Then you run setup.exe from the virtual drive letter.

    OR, you burn a DVD or USB flash drive from the Windows 10 ISO. The Media Creation Tool will also make a USB flash drive directly. Then you insert the DVD or USB flash drive like you were going to copy files to/from it. From inside Windows 7 you run setup.exe from the DVD or USB flash drive.

    If you want to do a clean install of Windows 10 then you must make the DVD or USB flash drive and boot the computer from it.

    What I would do is this, do the upgrade from Windows 7 first. When everything is working correctly, and all the hardware in device manager are listed without exclamation points, export the drivers to an external storage device - if you make a Windows 10 USB flash drive you can export the drivers right to that. The command is:

    dism /online /export-driver /destination:E:\DriversW10

    The path in red is to a folder you create on the external storage drive first. Then do a clean install of Windows 10. After it is install, look in device manager for exclamation points and "unknown devices". Manually update the drivers for those devices and point the manual installation to the E:\DriversW10 folder (or whatever drive/folder you created. Windows 10 will go through all the exported drivers and find the right one.


    Microsoft Virtual CDROM tool:
    Download Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel from Official Microsoft Download Center

    Windows 10 Media Creation Tool:
    Windows 10

    Windows 10 Tech Bench:
    Tech Bench
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    7 and 10 on various machines
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       19 Apr 2016 #7

    Ok mate thank you so much for taking the time and trouble I might just do the upgrade as you say and then if everything is ok I will do those drivers and then wipe the disk and use that ISO which looks like it is going to take a very long time to download anyway - currently 0.4 of 4.1GB after 30 minutes running.

    But at least I shall know if the 10 will install on the machine clean eh?
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  •    20 Apr 2016 #8

    Hi, just so you know you will have a usable bootable machine whatever happens (well, almost), please make sure you create a full disk image of your Windows 7 before doing a clean install of Win 10 (preferred, so you have no hangovers- from Win 7, that is :)).

    That way you can revert to '7 exactly as is, relatively quickly, with all settings and programs.

    Download and install Macrium Reflect (free), create its boot medium (which you'll need should your PC become unbootable) and create a system image, and a disk image of each other disk or partition if you wish. Those images should be saved on some external medium.
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    7 and 10 on various machines
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       20 Apr 2016 #9

    Yes dalchina mate the fresh install has not updated anything all yesterday and so I just left it at that with no personal stuff on it and have taken a punt on upgrading what there is installed on that machine after all with the net speed as it is right now I have nothing to lose. That by the way is downloading the ISO on my main machine and the upgrading to the 10 on the eventual 10 machine will go on at around 150Kbs not a MB in sight hence the length of time.

    So as at this very time 2am it has been running since 10.30pm last night - the ISO is at 1.8/4.1GB and the upgrade at 48% and at this ate I don't expect any finish if indeed it does until around 6am this morning.

    I can only put it down to the provider (our national telephone provider - Telstra) is or has got some problem of some sort as there have been problems with them over the last two months.

    Having said that my emails and browsing is fairly fast
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  •    20 Apr 2016 #10

    Man, I remember the days of downloading new builds of Windows 95 over a 14.4 modem when beta testing. Leaving the computer on and tying up the phone line for two days. Once you get a good Windows 10 ISO download, copy that sucker to a very safe USB flash drive!
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