Windows 10: Problem Installing Windows 10 on Laptop as 2nd OS

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  1.    08 Apr 2016 #21

    RE: "or another option, just install Windows 10 to the unallocated space, and then we can add Windows Vista back to the boot menu, but I would try the first suggestion first. It would probably be better to get the existing Windows booting again first."

    Yes, I would prefer not to do that - all of my sofware/programs & periferals are installed on Vista - the machine would be useless to me with the Vista, at this point. And probaly lots of them would not even work with Win 10.
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  2.    08 Apr 2016 #22

    OK. The problem now is that you have no primary partitions on the hard drive. The system partition the computer boots from requires a primary partition so we have two options. Try them in order, if the first one works, you don't have to do the other. All of this is in MiniTool Partition Wizard. Our first goal is to make the Vista partition a primary partition, and then make it the system partition the computer boots from. If we can't do that, then we will create a separate primary partition as system partition to boot from. Using Option One we basically want to make your laptop hard drive look as close as possible to your desktop hard drive - if that helps.

    Option One:
    Right click on the Vista partition (which is D: drive in your screenshot), and attempt to convert to primary partition. Don't forget to click the apply button. If that works then right click on it and set it as the active partition. That might be under Properties, I can't remember off the top of my head. Click apply. If that works, then go to Macrium Reflect and run the fix Windows startup problems again.

    Option Two: Right click on the unallocated space at front of the hard drive. Create a 500 MB (megabytes, not gigabytes!) primary, FAT32 partition at the very front of the drive. Set it as the active partition. Click pply in MiniTool Partition Wizard. Once you have the 500 MB FAT32 partition created and set as active, go to Macrium Reflect and run the Windows startup problems utility again.

    And if you have problems, screenshots are the best troubleshooting we have.
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  3.    09 Apr 2016 #23

    Report Card

    Option One could not be done. Mini Tool would not allow it.
    The below excerpt from it's tutuorial on "Set a Partition as Primary" explains it - I had the condtion in #2, as you can see from the sreenshot yesterday. Number 2 explains it:
    "Well, before we talk about how to set partition as primary, weíd like to introduce some limitations of the task:
    1.Users canít finish this task if they already have 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partition on the disk (since a MBR disk can support at most 4 primary partitions or 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partition).
    2.If the partitions on the right side and the left side of the logical partition which users want to set as primary are both logical partitions, they canít finish the task, either (MBR disk can support at most one extended partition; if this task can be done, there will be two extended partitions on the disk).
    Option Two worked I now have a new priamry/active partition named "New Primary" (as "P") @ 500MB. It is in front of the remaining unallocated of an exact 40GB, which is followed by: C (Recovery), the samll (8MB) una;located, D (OS+) i.e. Vista, and the remaining logical drives/partitions.
    Why am I writinq all of this ? Becasue I am on the Desktop and the sreenshots are not available to me. And why is that ?
    Because the laptop is unbearably slow even starting up. Internet access via IE (this old ver 9 in Vista) or even in Chrome just does not respond. I had to give up and switch machines - it flies with the same ISP connection, BTW. Incidentally, I restarted it (laptop) twice, after Macrium ran. Too bad, I have loads of screenshots.

    Any sugestions to speed it up to it's prior, normal FAST ?
    I don't see installing Win 10 ashe 2nd OS (the original goal) with it like this.

    OH -- there is one other thing. When the laptop is turned on/restarted, it now gives 2 boot options. One is Vista (no surprise), and the other is that "Lnghorn" thing ( id not write doens the full name) - you can see it on the Macrium screenshot from yesterday. I have no clue s to what that is or where it came from. I have few comments on it:
    • Could it in someway be causing the slowdown ?
    • It will be a nuisance to have to select from the 2 every time
    • Do I need it ?
    • If not can I get rid of it ?
    • If, so how ?

    I guess that's all for now.

    If you really need the screenshots, I could try moving them (I have Detto's Intellimover) from the laptop to the desktop - if the slowness of the laptop will allow it.

    - Bernie
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  4.    09 Apr 2016 #24

    Oh, I ran into one other obstacle. The Win1058.... DVD somehow gave me all sort of problems this time. Thank God I burned 2 copies on 2 disks. I won't get into the details, since I got the 2nd one to work.
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  5.    09 Apr 2016 #25


    From your post #9, it is very evident that that installation of Vista on the laptop is dying. I'm afraid you are either going to have to re-install a fresh Vista or move on from it. The internet worked just fine when you booted from Kyhi's recovery drive, didn't it?

    If there was recovery software included in the Vista on the laptop, you might be able to make a Vista recovery disc from it, or reinstall Vista with it from the recovery partition that is still on the laptop.

    Looks like you can still buy Windows Vista from Amazon and Ebay.

    You can also try uninstalling every program on Vista that you don't actively use. That includes all the anti-Malware and anti-Virus programs you might have.
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  6.    10 Apr 2016 #26

    Hallelujah !!

    Guess what.
    I'm coming to you from the laptop.
    I turned on the laptop today and all is fine. I got to your site in seconds.
    "What a diffrence a day makes".

    RE: Option Two:
    I have attached a bunch of screenshots:
    • from Mini tool: after creation of a new Primary/active partiton ("P"), and
    • a few along the Macrium process
    • Disk Management after it all - capture done just now.

    So the big question is: do you see this as a good setup to now install Win 10 as the 2nd OS in the unallocated space after the new "P" partition" ?

    The other question I have is: when I turn on the laptop I new get (never before) a choice to boot from one of:
    • Vista
    • "Windows (TM) Code Name Longhorn Preinstallation Environment"

    I never saw "longhorn" before. Maybe it was there and it automatically booted from Vista. I have no idea. But
    do you happen to:

    • know anything about it
    • how to get rid of it, if I don't need it
    • or, maybe the best, and safest, have the machine automaticly boot from Vista. This, of course in advance of Win 10 install. That leads to another question, how would this "lonhorn" affect the inteded dual boot of Vista and Win 10 ?

    BTW: preparing for the worst (before turning this machine on) I found an unopened DVD from Dell - a "reinstalltion of Vista" DVD. Also a drivers/utilities DVD. They came with the Desktop - the laptop ones are probably in another location, where I mostly use the laptop (I sync the 2 machines up data-wise to have them be mirror images, for when I am in the other location). But I was hoping that the DVD would work on this machine.

    I also found that the "Recovery" partition has 2 files in a "boot" folder: "bootmgr.exe.mui" and "memtest.exe.mui". If had to, do you happen to know what I would do with them, if anything, to restore Vista ?

    That's all enough for now.

    Again, thanks for everything.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Capture Mini Tool after create P - 500mb primary.PNG   Capture Macrium new  Primary found.PNG   Capture Macrium Options.PNG   Capture Macrium OS found.PNG   Capture Disk Mangment after new Primary Active (P) partition.JPG  

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  7.    10 Apr 2016 #27

    You should be good to go to install Windows 10 to the unallocated space. It should create it's own boot menu option in the newly created system partition we created (which is why we made it 500mb - so Windows 10 could use it). After Windows 10 has installed and you have the boot menu options working for both Vista and Windows 10 - from Windows 10 you can run MSCONFIG, and on the boot tab, delete the Longhorn entry.

    The internet working again is probably due to a DNS cache flush, I'm guessing.

    It's been too long since I have used Vista, I would have no idea how to make recovery media for it from the recovery partition. If the Vista installed now is the factory original, you might want to look for factory software installed to make recovery media. I started the PC journey in about 1980 with a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I.
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  8.    10 Apr 2016 #28

    OK, thanks

    Great, thanks.
    What a long journey !
    I was nosing around and I see that the 500 MB partition is in use now - by Vista, obviously.

    Yes couple of reboorts and magic, it's as good as - and I suspect, better - than before. LIke you say a cache flush could do that probably - make it even faster than before.

    I will wait till tomrrow to do Win 10 - I'm so burnt out.

    I think I saw somethng re creating a recovery disk. I'll check tht out and do it. Sure can't hurt.

    Not sure how long I'll keep Vista. Just want to ease into Win 10. Another big concern was having to purchse new versions of some software and maybe even some new hardware - all for Win 10. Seems silly, whn the versions I have in Vista work fine for me. The only real lissue was non-support and internet access via the old IE (even the old Chrome is off support).

    Also MS had to have issued some sort of Vista update (I alswys have auto update turned on) that affected my ability to download .exe files, etc. It stsarted about 1 1/2 year ago or so.

    A bit of my backgraound. I spent most of my life and career as a mainframe guy - in mangment after awhile, but always kept myself "hands on" as best I could. Then PC's came along. We had basic use of them - kind of like a replacement for the old "dumb terminals". But we did do mainframe applications to use the PC's for data entry and for downloading report data to the business partners in the corp. But not technical PC stuff like this - that was the admin guys' job. Also used MS Office prods. that was the extent of it. Slso used for mainframe access from home - great at 2 AM !!

    My first PC was, what I believe was, the first color laptop - a Compaq Contura with Win 3.1 - what was that mid to late 90's ?

    Wow, you sure go back a long way with PC's. I remember hearing about the Radio Shack ones. And I understand you not recalling all this Vista stuff. Particuilarly with frequent new stuff and when you are "cutting edge", you almost naturally put the old behind you quickly.

    Anway, nice talking to you.
    I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

    No screenshots needed - now.
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  9.    10 Apr 2016 #29

    and another thanks

    Beyond, way beyond, this little issue here, I have to thank you for something much bigger and more important: for serving our country as a Lieutenant Commander.
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  10.    11 Apr 2016 #30

    Well, that's it. Goal accomplished !!
    Windows 10 installed sucessfully as the 2nd OS on the laptop.

    And I deleted the beef - old Longhorn. I see that was the original intended name for Vista.

    New full backup, shortly.

    I have to say, this never could done this without your invaluable help and without your patience. I cannot thank you enough. But, I'll try: Thank you immensely !!!

    And the "Windows 10 Clean Install" tutorial allowed me to do the same for the desktop - seems like eons ago.

    I will now take a breather and then do some "personalization" for Win 10 on both machines. I think I can handle this myself.

    On the desktop, I have to get this slim wireless KB working on both OS's. It's connected via Bluetooth USB adaptor to Vista. I couldn't seem to get it to work from both OS - only either one. So I bought a 2nd adaptor - I hope this will allow use of the same KB for both. Beats the plain old klunky one they give you with the machine --- AND having to switch KB's when you switch OS.

    Also have to get the printer working ro both OS on the dekstop. Probably need a driver.

    On both machines, I want to bring IE to the forefront, for now at least, in lieu of Edge. And eventually switch it.
    Also, I want to sync up the drive/partition letters on the 2 machines. I will use the Mini Tool: I like it's more powerful than the old Acronis version and I don't have to uninstall it and clean up the registry after use of Acronis.

    Seems like there are more things in my head, but drawing a blank right now. But I think I covered the basics.

    Again, THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!!
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