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The W10 installer will automatically bring in the "Secure Boot" first seen with Windows 8 as well as 8.1 which secures the boot sector against unauthorised by W8, 8.1, and 10 against unsecured unknown OSes suggesting protection against hacks as well as unauthorised installations which unfortunately leaves 7 at a disadvantage. The unplug of the older 7 drive in order to see 10 go onto the newer SSD is the better move! Hopefully you will be able to add a boot entry into the 10 BCD afterwards to see a working dual boot. At times a 3rd editor can be suggested while the BCD Editor can also be used.
Hi, second move was to install LinuxMint 18.1 who saw the win10 and allowed me to install it as dual boot, giving some sdd space for every OS. Afterwards i plugged the old HD and nothing was lost. I find very interesting this dual boot option, which i am using since my old laptop does not support VMs, thanks again 😀