Windows 10: Windows 7 x86 upgrade hangs on FIRST BOOT with spinning icon

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  1. Fafhrd's Avatar
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       31 Mar 2016 #11

    I noticed that reference to another partition that had successfully upgraded too.

    I try out VMs occasionally, but invariably give up on them when I need more real space on the disk - they do seem to eat up disk space.
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       31 Mar 2016 #12

    Agreed! I tend to keep only a few per machine to avoid that problem! Even with 1tb OS drives space tends to get chewed up real fast when you are not watching it!

    The two primary one already upgraded should already be what was needed for simply giving 10 a look. Here on both desktops I run with two separate OS drives one having been a former storage drive on the main now in used for 7 Pro and a backup partition the second case used primarily for testing only. That along with the matching other WD Black edition 1tb drive stuffed into an enclosure were replaced by a pair of 2tb Server class WD "Heavy Duty" drives.
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  3.    31 Mar 2016 #13

    Night Hawk said: View Post
    I'm running with the belief that the minimum system requirements are not being met for 10.
    There are two of these old installs I have tried to upgrade. Both were originally Windows 95 OSR2, upgraded to 98, 2000, XP, Vista and finally 7. Over the years, they were used on many different hardware combinations, but now one has been migrated to a B85 1150 with i3 4170 CPU and 750gb hard drive, while the other is on a Q77 1155 with i3 3225 CPU and 500gb hard drive with several partitions.

    I had no trouble upgrading installs that were originally XP to 32-bit 10. Thus, I am thinking that there may be some residual from Windows 2000 or earlier that is keeping the FIRST BOOT from happening.

    [QUOTEBack in 1996 you wouldn't have even been seeing a 13gb hard drive. Here I upgraded out of an old IBM 386 with a 200mb into an AST 486 where I swapped out the 500mb for a 1.2gb WD at the time first seeing 95 and later 98SE. Finally when drive capacities started climbing XP was able to first see 120gb drives when dual booted with 98 and a pair of 250s while 98SE couldn't realize the full capacities of those drives.[/QUOTE]I upgraded a circa-2004 XP install to 32-bit Windows 10, with no trouble. It had originally been installed on a 120gb PATA drive, for a circa-2001 ALI Alladin AMD board. It had been migrated many times over the years, first to AMD and later to Intel architectures, before its current home of a B85 1150.

    Fafhrd said: View Post
    The i3 3225 is not an old enough processor, (launched in Q3 2012), surely, to have had that upgrade history?

    It sounds like the old joke about the guy who had been using the same broom for 40 years with six replacement heads and 4 replacement handles over that time!
    Yup. One old XP install I created back in 2004 has been migrated several times, and with Intel dropping support for XP on its latest chipsets, I finally broke down and upgraded it to 32-bit 10, via Vista and 7.
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  4. Night Hawk's Avatar
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       31 Mar 2016 #14

    At this point I wouldn't be trying to upgrade but simply replace old with new if not planning any dual or multi-booting. Clean installs always insure working results 99% of the time as compared to upgrades that can come out buggy!

    Without a look at the partitioning scheme you have going there presently that is also another factor when trying to make suggestions on how to see working results. The 500gb drive split up into several partitions doesn't tell enough unfortunately. You may want to post a snipping of the view from the Disk Management tool and take it from there.
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  5. Fafhrd's Avatar
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       01 Apr 2016 #15

    Along with the banter between me and NightHawk, Katanga, did you miss this:

    I read that BCD.corruption may be involved in this sort of problem and that rebuilding the BCD may help. Open an admin command prompt and run

    bootrec /rebuildBCD

    before retrying setup:
    It didn't show up clearly, so I reformatted the text.
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  6.    01 Apr 2016 #16

    Night Hawk said: View Post
    Clean installs always insure working results 99% of the time as compared to upgrades that can come out buggy!
    That's true, but I was really wanting to figure out what is blocking the upgrade from succeeding.

    Has anyone solved a problem like this?
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  7. Night Hawk's Avatar
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       01 Apr 2016 #17

    Here what prevented the upgrade installs last summer was simply the need to unplug the two storage/backup drives which were later found to have seen the "$Windows~..." BT and WS folders created on the first of the two Sata 3 drives while the OS drives were and still are a pair of 1tb Sata II drives. And the boot files, mbr entries were being written to the second of those two. Where was the bios at post to look?

    Upon review of the Clean Install guide at the time having first wanting to enter the upgrade blindly as with every other previous version run OOPS! Had to go back and unplug those two drives! The original 7 host/boot drive had already been unplugged since I was already expecting a dual OS system if 10 was going to work out.

    With more then one drive there I would say booting live from a Linux distro long enough to look over each drive to see where the temp folders and boot files are ending up would be a first step! You have to be able to see where things are being placed by the 10 installer as well as view the partitioning structure when planning to add any OS onto an existing system. The assessment here would be equal to "Scrambled OSes over Toast"! The boot information as well as just where things are being placed would be the thing to be looking at.
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  8.    01 Apr 2016 #18

    Why is it I only have these problems with Win2K-to-XP upgrades? None of the several XP-original installs I upgraded had any issues.
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  9. Night Hawk's Avatar
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       01 Apr 2016 #19

    And you upgrade from XP to ? A newer version running the MinWin kernel for a start while 2000-XP was still seeing NT 5.0 to the greater extent. The GUI for the most part as well as introducing Fat into the NTFS 2000 base is what later became XP. The two versions there were neck to neck in contrast to the major changes having first been brought in with Vista and later 7. XP was a rush job combo of ME mashed into 2000 in retrospect.

    Don't let that fool you however since Vista also saw Fat support removed only to be returned with 7 afterwards once MS saw the trends for digital devices using Fat on SD and other memory cards as well as the format for onboard memory. Now you are seeing Linux support going into Windows since the Chief head at Oracle's Virtualization dept. will now be strictly MS!

    Overall however while you may have seen good turnouts with upgrade installs too often they end up coming out buggy either immediately being confronted with some headaches or at some later point when suddenly things start acting up. The clean install on the other hand starts everything off fresh with one of the most important elements to note here being the Fresh System Registry lacking any unwant a be! or clutter carried over from a previous install if not previous version!

    With 10 this has been a concern as well while build after build has been going on one over the other with fewer problems since these have all been Developer builds seen with the Windows Insider Program. From now on the newer updated builds seen will be arriving by way of the Windows Updates while the general releases will still be available by way of the Media Creation tool MS provides or at their Tech Bench Program download page.

    Presently however putting all of the other aside a look at the Disk Management tool as far as how you have things laid out would be a help here since it will provide a good look at how you have things set up. This is one clear way of finding out just why you are not seeing 10 go on by way of upgrade at this point since something is the reason why the upgrade is hanging on you.

    It might simply turn out to be the media being used dvd or flash drive if not mounting an ISO is the reason and needs to be done over again if you have seen a bad burn to disk(Seen that one enough times!) or a bad write to a flash drive when seeing the 10 media made up. But you are going to need to fill in a few gaps here as to how you are going about things.
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  10.    02 Apr 2016 #20

    The first failing install is my mom's late husband's XP. It was created in the mid-Nineties with Win 95 OSR2, and upgraded to 98, 2K and then XP. He died in 2007, and his old PC (a Duron Applegate with nForce chipset) was given away, but I kept the hard drive. Out of interest, I migrated the install to a newer PC and a 750gb notebook drive. It has just one partition, and I'll try posting a screen capture of it later today.

    With regards to the flash drive, it works fine upgrading the other 32-bit installs, just not these two. And, I get the same results using the Windows Update download, and a DVD burned from the ISO.
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