Windows 10: Can't install. possible partition error Solved

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  1.    23 Mar 2016 #1

    Can't install. possible partition error

    I've come here to beg for some help from you lovely windows techies.
    My issue is that the CD that I bought wont install on the laptop i have (prev win 7 and ubuntu 14.4)
    The main details can be found here, if you would be so kind, along with what attempts ive made to rectify this.


    I have since then created a boot dvd using windows 10 media download to see if this has any impact (bearing in mind that the original disc is new, official and undamaged)

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated
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       23 Mar 2016 #2

    Please post the details here and we will try to help.
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  3.    23 Mar 2016 #3

    okay my link got taken out so heres a copy/paste job

    toshiba x64 (originally win7)
    pentium core
    6gb ram
    720 hdd

    need to uninstall ubuntu and install windows 10 (full version, on disc with key)
    windows install disk wouldnt run because not free partition.
    made gp live disc
    run it
    created a new partition table
    created a new partition - Cleared
    checked it
    applied all
    reboot pc with windows 10 disk in
    it sits there in dos after the toshiba splash blinking while it reads the disk, the _ stays solid for about a minute then the drive stops spinning and it just sits there blinking waiting for a reboot.

    I Created a new blank partition and rebooted with win10 disc in drive and #1 on boot list (obv.)
    Instead of sitting there for hours with no response what I'm presented with now is a message from Realtek and Intel?
    {still on Dos}
    Dos wrote:
    Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 083)
    Copyright (c) 97-'00 Intel
    This product is covered by patents blah blah
    Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Series v1.25
    PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable
    PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM
    Reboot and select proper boot device
    or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key

    GPT table istead of Dos yeilds same results

    sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX count=2048 bs=512
    brings back:
    2048+0 records in
    2048+0 records out
    1048576 bytes (1.0mb , 1.0mb) copied, 0.50871 s, 2.1 mb/s

    Just created new win10 install disc on different pc no different results, so original disk is fine
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  4.    24 Mar 2016 #4

    Assuming you can boot the Windows 10, when you get to the first splash screen, hit Shift + F10 to open a DOS prompt. Run diskpart.

    Then, at the prompt Select disk.

    Once you have the disk selected, type clean and hit enter.

    This is assuming you have nothing on the disk to be saved. This will remove all partitions on the drive. You can exit and continue with the Windows 10 install.

    DiskPart Command-Line Options
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  5.    25 Mar 2016 #5

    DeaconFrost said: View Post
    Assuming you can boot the Windows 10,
    Therein lies the problem, on boot the windows 10 disc just whirrs for ages and then laptop gives up and tries to boot via other methods. I was told this was due to the lack of available space (as I currently had ubuntu on there as well)
    But after wiping and partitioning the drive theres no change.
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  6.    25 Mar 2016 #6

    KalamityKatt said: View Post
    Therein lies the problem, on boot the windows 10 disc just whirrs for ages and then laptop gives up and tries to boot via other methods.
    That sounds like a bad DVD.
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  7.    25 Mar 2016 #7

    Agreed. You never got to the point of the installer checking for free space. If the disc is bad, I'd create a new one, or use a flash drive, which will speed up the process.
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  8.    26 Mar 2016 #8

    the disc has been checked on 2 other pcs and works fine, its an officiaol one that i bought.
    Ive also created 2 other boot discs for windows 10, one made with my existing windows 10 pc and the other made on a Linux os, both of those work on the oher pcs too, none of them work in the laptop
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  9.    26 Mar 2016 #9

    Sounds like the disc drive in the laptop might be bad then. Can you try a USB flash drive?
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  10.    26 Mar 2016 #10

    dont have one. am working on it. the thing is that the dvd drive runs everything else alright. the GParted disc loads fine, cant really try anything else without an os.
    I'm going to try a GPT partition table next and wipe the beginning space on the drive beforehand.
    I really dont think that there is a problem with the hardware, it was working fine just days ago
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