Windows 10: Can't install Windows 10 Technical Preview

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    Can't install Windows 10 Technical Preview


    I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO file, and I followed the steps in the tutorial here for dual booting with Windows 7,
    and I tried both options: dual boot using DVD, and dual boot through Windows 7 itself.

    When I try option 1 (using DVD): After I burned the DVD, I went to BIOS (not UEFI) to start the laptop from the DVD drive, and it did, but I get a message "Cant find bootmgr" and then it proceed to start Windows 7 instead.

    Then I tried option 2: I downloaded the ISO to the laptop, then mounted it using daemon tools, then, when I go inside the mounted drive, I mark all files and use 7-zip to extract to a desktop folder, but 7-zip asks if I want to replace some files with the same name (although one file is named something very long for example sdfojsfsf.text and it wants to replace it with a blank file named ".text"), also, 7-zip write some errors about certain damaged files including BOOTMGR and some more. after extraction is completed all I get is a list of files without names, only with extension names.

    If I try to press the "setup.exe" directly from the mounted drive, I get a security warning "These files can't be opened. Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened"

    What is the problem ?

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    Which tutorial did you follow?

    This one: Windows 10 - Dual Boot with Windows 7 or Windows 8 - Windows 10 Forums ?

    I think that you might have incorrectly created the install media (no boot mgr on the DVD). The other thing you tried,deamon tools and extract files, is not the way to go either (if you just mount the ISO, you could... but I don't recommend this, you could install from the mounted ISO).

    I've dual booted Win10 with Vista, Win7, and Win8 two different ways (on a separate partition and as a VHD) I've also run Win10 in a virtual machine under Win8, not Win7 or Vista.

    Is Win7 your base install?
    Post a disk management screen shot and I can better advise you on any scenario.

    There's not need to extract anything from the install media, all you have to do really is make room on the disk for Win10.
    A custom install (telling it where to install) of Win10 does everything else.
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    Thanks, yes, I used this tutorial.

    I've also tried to run Windows 10 installation using VirtualBox in my Windows 8.1 machine but I get BOOTMGR not found as well.
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    This may come as "stating the obvious". If so, my apologies!

    When you say you "burned the DVD,", how did you accomplish this?

    The ISO is not to be copied over to a DVD, it must be burned with a program that has that facility (most do) so that the ISO image is on the DVD, and then, subsequently, the install must be started from the same DVD.

    I am at a loss with your description of the procedure using Dæmon tools.I'm afraid.
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    mibaup said: View Post
    Thanks, yes, I used this tutorial. I've also tried to run Windows 10 installation using VirtualBox in my Windows 8.1 machine but I get BOOTMGR not found as well.
    Ok, here's what I suggest: use the Win8.1 machine, boot to Win8.1, and provide some information

    • Publish a Speccy report

    • Post a Disk Management screen shot

    • Please also fill in your System Specs on your TenForums (TF) profile.
      Use the Win8.1 specs. Most of the information is in the Speccy summary.
      You can copy the information from the Speccy HTML into your TF System Specs

    • Which ISO did you download? Insider (Pro edition) or TechEval (Enterprise edition)

    • Members can better assist you after they can see what you see. The answers to many questions are in the reports requested, that will save some time.

    My plan is to make sure that the download is the correct ISO (x86 | x64)
    Download a fresh copy - you might want to wait for the next drop, but the date is not set.
    Burn the ISO to a DVD-R using the native Win8 Burn to disc
    Determine location for the Win10 install (Disk Management and some questions should make this easy)
    ?- Seperate partition (easiest)
    ?- VM : consider a native Win8.1 Hyper-V machine,
    ?- Boot-to-VHD

    Yeah know what? I just read that tutorial again and it's much easier that those instructions.
    I'll look at the stuff I asked you to post and then go from there.

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    First thing is to confirm (what Devehc asked) how you made installation media and if it boots to it.
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    Ignore this. Just testing a feature
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    I downloaded the ISO to the laptop, then mounted it using daemon tools, then, when I go inside the mounted drive, I mark all files and use 7-zip to extract to a desktop folder
    I didn't understand. If the ISO was already mounted, you needed 7-zip for what?


    If you want a clean install try to use Rufus to create a bootable pen-drive.

    Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way

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    I don't get it!

    On this and other forums, where I am a member, the proper way to install a Beta Test version of any OS has been detailed, hundreds or maybe thousands of times, yet, someone will want to come up with some 'Off The Wall' method.
    Usually it's by someone without the needed expertise to be a Beta Tester.
    Why not just do it the proper way? As has been detailed so many times before?

    I apologize if that sounds harsh, but sometimes Facts do sound that way.
    Beta Testing a new OS is not for the casual user, but for those with experience with OS's in general, and the ability to follow instructions.
    Having compatible hardware doesn't hurt either. Having a spare hard drive to use is even better, so the main OS doesn't get boogered up in the process.

    At the Beta Test download site, there should be a check list of pre-requisites that must be met before the download can be started.

    On the old Windows 8 Beta Test forum, we answered many, many cries for help from those people who had downloaded the Beta version of Windows 8, probably thinking it was going to be a FREE, new, OS, and they let it install right over their main Windows 7 OS, only to find out that there was no way to back up to Windows 7.

    Had they just read the warnings from MS, on the download site, or the many warnings we had posted on the forum, that would not have happened. Arggggh!

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    mibaup was following a tutorial on TenForums:
    Windows 10 - Dual Boot with Windows 7 or Windows 8 - Windows 10 Forums
    5. To Install Windows 10 as Dual Boot with ISO inside Windows 7 or 8
    1. In Windows 8 and 8.1, mount the ISO file from step 1 above, and go to step C below.
    2. In Windows 7, you will need to extract the files in the ISO from step 1 above to a new folder on your desktop, and go to step C below.
    3. Open the folder from the ISO, and open the sources folder. (see screenshot below)[/B] D) Run the setup.exe file in the sources folder to start Windows 10 Setup. (see screenshot below)
    I'm not sure why the tutorial uses those steps, but the author is well known for his attention to detail.
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