I'm trying to upgrade my old laptop to windows 10. Its currently running Windows 8.1 pro x64. Resources are no problem, its a core2 duo, 8 GB RAM, discreet ATI video card and plenty of space on 1TB hard drive.

Upgrade using windows update (triggered by GWX.exe) gets the everything downloaded, then does the "Preparing for installation" part, then gets to this screen:

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If I click "Check your PC", it goes right back into downloading and preparing the installation and ends up back at this screen. There seems to be no way to get out of the loop.

So I tried using media creation tool. That process gets me through the setup counting up to 100%, then says "your PC will restart in a few moments. Then just this:

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"Windows 10 installation has failed", no more clues, that's it , its over.

Does anyone know how to get around this or where to find a log file that gives more of a clue?