Flash drives are a different animal to work with entirely. SSDs are much closer to that form of static memory over mechanical drive while retaining the standard partitioning options. Flash drives, SD cards, and other removable media simply don't have that.

As for partitioning and repartitioning drives the DM itself has always been a bit limited with the idea there mainly as an option available for secondary drives to simply see either a new volume go onto a raw drive or wipe a drive clean. Supposedly since 7 the resize option was to be included but never fully realized. Either the Drive tools on the Windows media or a 3rd party program like MiniTools is often what you end up with.

Here for booted live ops I will usually go with GParted live cd or booted live from a distro when repartitioning for any OS changes. The non MS alternative there works on most every OS since you can see Fat 32 and NTFS volumes as well as for the Linux VFat Ext2-5 type depending on the release and how old it is.