Windows 10: How will upgrading to Windows 10 effect my PC

  1.    10 Mar 2016 #1

    How will upgrading to Windows 10 effect my PC

    I'm currently running windows 8.1 and it have it all set up just how I need it. All my desktop files are all ordered where they need to be, I have a calendar application up and running with my schedule in it, all my start-up settings and the such are formatted just how I want them, you get the idea.

    I want to update to windows 10 but I really can't be bothered if it's going to mean I need to redo all of these various settings. So my question is what does updating to windows 10 change regarding the desktop, start-up and running applications?

    Three more questions:

    Are there any performance benefits?
    Does it have any effect on drivers?
    Will my anti-virus interfere?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    Take an image of your system first, so you can roll back intact just in case. It does involve new drivers, but the upgrade process should try to update them for you. Your AV software shouldn't be affected, provided it is compatible.

    On a side note, performing a clean install never has to be a big deal. I can do any of my computers in about 2 hours, start to finish.
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    As DeaconFrost suggested - make a system image - I recommend Macrium Reflect free, then you can go right back if you don't like Windows 10. Just make sure you have a rescue or recovery disk to boot from to restore the backup image.

    One advantage to doing it this way is that it will save your permanent digital entitlement for Windows 10 for that computer on Microsoft activation servers so you can re-install Windows 10 for free on that ocmputer after July 2016 if you desire.
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  4.    13 Mar 2016 #4

    I would recommend uninstalling your AV. i found my AV (Bitdefender) partially operational after the upgrade, and received a message to install a new version. That was last year, perhaps manufacturers have moved on.

    It is possible to have programs installed that are incompatible with Win 10 - my first attempt to upgrade from Win 8.1 left me with a system I couldn't log in to, because I had Aeroglass installed.

    As recommended above, which I reiterate, I had a disk image which I restored, uninstalled Aeroglass and tried again.

    You may experience, for example, a period when you are running with a basic MS graphics driver before your 'real' graphics driver is installed.

    You can use the Windows 10 compatibility checker.
    There used to be a site where you could check programs vs a compatibilty list for which people voted, but I haven't found that for many months.

    Upgrade process:
    I strongly recommend creating Win 10 bootable medium and then upgrading without updates- so if sthg goes wrong you've wasted the least time. A personal choice.

    You also then have the bootable medium for use in a couple of valuable repair scenarios.

    Note that you will find your file associations reset to MS default, many of them to the new universal apps. Setting defaults can be problematic for some people, and must be done from Settings, the Control Panel or Open With.

    By default background title bars are white (I assume this is still true(!) ). I found I had to make a number of changes before I was happy with the appearance. (And when I first installed it ALL the title bars were white, no borders, so you couldn't see what overlapped what!).
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  5.    13 Mar 2016 #5

    Kronen76: I am going to suggest that you leave your system as is.

    Anytime you change operating systems there is going to be change, and I get the notion that you are not going to want to change your setup

    "You have a calendar program with appts, ect" depends on the program whether it makes the upgrade or not, you really would not know until you tried.

    As previously stated your best bet is to have a working system image to fall back on.
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  6.    13 Mar 2016 #6

    A clean new install is the best way to go. Yes it is a bit of work but it may pay off - you won't have all those gremlins haunting you later. With that said, I would recommend to wait another 6 months or so before you commit to Windows 10. That is still work in progress. And the image suggestion for your current system is compulsory.
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