Good afternoon, I am trying to deploy Windows 10 Enterprise x64 to a test laptop of mine at work and I'm coming across some issues after doing the following steps to deploy:

  1. create a new HyperV VM using win10 ent x64 media
  2. create a generic local account without a password
  3. remove the local Administrator pw (and enable it)
  4. customize what I want on the generic local account I've created
  5. remove undesired metro apps utilizing Remove-AppxPackage and Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage powershell cmdlets
  6. mount sccm 2012 capture media ISO
  7. begin capture media process from within the generic account
  8. it finishes the WIM file media creation and i replace the WIM file within my TS for image deployment

I start the deployment on the test device and it installs and everything looks good, except:
1) start menu does not work at all
2) i get an error citing something similar to "c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile desktop refers to a location that is unavailable"
3) i notice the "Default" account has nothing in its folder
4) the search function doesn't work
5) some things inside of windows explorer\file browsing does not work

I noticed my applications did install that i have set up in the TS, the drivers all installed properly, but something is wrong with the profiles copying over properly or even at all.

should i not be modifying or removing the metro apps? such as 3d builder, windows maps, ms store, skype, get office, sway, get started, etc.
I'm removing all except for Contact Support, Windows Feedback, Calculator, Voice Recorder

thanks in advance