Windows 10: Use bootable USB to upgrade to 1511

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  1.    01 Mar 2016 #171

    Now we are down to Murdabenne Hopefully if he can't solve his update problems, he will take the next step. Clean Install. :)
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    Triple boot - Win 10 Pro, Win 10 Pro Insider (2) - (and a sprinkling of VMs)
       01 Mar 2016 #172

    OldMike65 said: View Post
    Now we are down to Murdabenne Hopefully if he can't solve his update problems, he will take the next step. Clean Install. :)
    Fair winds and following seas!
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  3.    31 Mar 2016 #173

    Reading thread with interest - same problem

    simrick said: View Post
    Yeah, I've not run across this either yet. I have a 10-year-old Toshiba laptop running the latest Insider build, using integrated graphics that are supposedly not supported - and it runs fine! I did have to enable .NET Framework 3.5 though.
    I've been fighting this same issues for several weeks (off and on) with two HP All-In-One PCs. I have an HP Laptop that has made all the updates fine, but the two desktops . . . . ARRRRRGGGGGHGHHH.

    Appreciate all the suggestions, but someone at Microsoft really needs to figure this out!!!!
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  4.    18 May 2016 #174

    Sorry to zombie this thread, but I am back and want to give this one last try. I simply gave up before - its getting very complex. The 1151 upgrade keeps trying to install and making my computer take a long time to boot about every other day. Im getting tired of a uefi 500GB SSD taking longer to boot than my old BIOS 5400rpm spinning disc laptop.

    I just downloaded and retried a reinstall with a "keep data and apps" and it failed with the same stupid "Something Happened" message from Microsoft. someone had me check reagentc, and it shows Enabled, and on disk0 a partition Recovery\WindowsRE. I guess windows put that there when I did my scratch install for my upgrade to 10 back when it first came out. Thing is the Recovery image location is blank. Index is 0. same for custom, so I guess that's of no use.

    My laptop upgraded just fine, but I never keep anything important there. The desktop is my main machine - and now MS is talking about something regarding a pushed upgrade to 1151 - which means this is going to be even more of a problem. A problem THEY created. So Im going to give it one last try at fixing this over the next couple weeks when I have time to try stuff and reply. Likely I will be here on my mac (a necessary evil for some medical apps), or the laptop, while trying things you all suggest. Any help is appreciated.

    I do not want to do a clean install again. I am in the middle of the last part of my cardiac residency, and simply don't have the free time this would require of me to reinstall all the software (much of it specialized) as well as dealing with licensing for the proprietary medical stuff, and then there are the apps, things like my VPN software, the drivers I have (SB high end audio card with DSPs) SLI cards, dual monitors (4K for images on the 780SLI and a 1080P on the internal Intel4000HD for documents), etc. When I upgraded from 8.1Pro, It took me 22 hours to do the bare disc version of the install of Win10Pro64 then re-registration/re-configuring/re-updating/re-downloading all my apps. I'm trying to save those and the multiple days of frustration, not to mention the stuff I have installed since then on top of all that. Hunting down registrations, etc, is a big enough chore.

    If I were to do a "clean" install, is there any way to restore the apps from backup, a way that include registry info? The apps themselves are mostly installed to my applications drive (drive E, 1 TB), with data drive (drive D 3tb), and the boot on a 500GB SSD. I have games installed of "F" (for fast), my old 250 GB SSD. So most of my data, my big apps and my games themselves are unaffected by crushing the C drive, with the exception of User data and any registry info, and any DLL/libs they put into the system disk.

    So, worst case happens and I have to redo a clean install.... is there a way to restore my apps without having to reinstall them? If so, whats the least painful way for me to try to get this going, that I can do that would take only a few hours instead of days hassling with vendors about accounts, registrations and gigs of downloads of stuff I already have sitting on these drives?
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  5.    18 May 2016 #175

    We have talked about this before, and because of all the app's and they way that desktop is setup, your only choice I believe is a Clean install.....Only thing you could save is your personal files......nothing else. Sorry. Unless someone else has an idea.
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       18 May 2016 #176

    Sounds like what you've been through so far was more painful than doing a clean install and re-installing all your programs. If you did it the first time around, you should be done by now and you've found your peace already.
    Do it. Clean install is a much easier way than trying to keep what you have.
    Install one or two programs a day based on what you need and you'll get there. Then create an image backup when everything is done.
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    Triple boot - Win 10 Pro, Win 10 Pro Insider (2) - (and a sprinkling of VMs)
       18 May 2016 #177

    OldMike65 said: View Post
    We have talked about this before, and because of all the app's and they way that desktop is setup, your only choice I believe is a Clean install.....Only thing you could save is your personal files......nothing else. Sorry. Unless someone else has an idea.
    I'm just adding to what Mike said. We just chatted, and I agree. It's unfortunate, very unfortunate, but at some point soon, very soon, you're just going to have to grit your teeth, bite the bullet, and do a clean install. There is no substitute for having a known, good, clean starting point. Save all your personal stuff to put back, but the apps and licenses, and such, you're just going to have to find the time for it. Unless someone else somewhere can come up with a method to clean install and keep everything at the same time, it is the best advice we have for you. Sorry....
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  •    18 May 2016 #178

    I will add, as much as it sucked I did the clean install and everything runs better now. I also managed to clean a buck of junk out that I haven't looked at or forgot I had. I took me a whole day to reinstall (Sonar, drivers, skyrim etc) but it was well worth it. I also made a new image once all was back.....but like I said, it made a huge difference in space available and machine speed
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  •    18 May 2016 #179

    All in all, I sure wish MS had not screwed this up so bad. Sad that I can help heal a person on the brink of dying due to a bad heart, giving them more years to live but I can't make a dent in this darned machine. I suppose one must take into account there being a pretty large difference in creators - recall the old joke that the difference between God and Bill Gates is that God doesn't believe he is Bill Gates. It does not give me a lot of confidence that I will not be here in 3 months asking for help when the "anniversary" update comes out, looking at the same sink for my free time. S'pose it could be worse - I could be stuck on my Mac Mini.

    Looks like I'm going to have to bit the bullet. I regularly back up with deltas, and once a month a full image. I guess I';; do an image backup of everything, make sure I can mount all the volumes, then wipe everything. I've been meaning to rearrange the drives anyway - maybe put the data on a network share instead (add the 3TB to my 3TB there and make them RAID1 for safety on the network). I probably will take my machine apart and give it a long overdue thorough dusting/cleaning while I'm at it.

    Its cool how everyone here is using their time to help a complete stranger. Its very much appreciated - you are generous without realizing just how much it means to someone who is stuck flailing around.

    Thanks again. I'll post back in a week or 2 after I have had a couple days off to back it up, gather the registrations, and take a screwdriver and a USB to my desktop.
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  •    18 May 2016 #180

    You could also try using the Free app Macrium Reflect to make your image backups.....for a 2nd choice.... :)
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