After spending weeks in my futile attempt to update my 8.1 and 7 to Windows 10, getting the great explanatory message "Sorry, your install failed", I gave up on Microsoft's stupid means of getting users to W10. I have tried the update, iso files and everything else that was posted, but they all failed.

So, I said the hell with 10,, uninstalled the KB script, and hid the update so it would not ask to update again. NOW, for about the 5th time, even though uninstalled and hidden, today it tried, ONCE AGAIN, to update as a critical/recommended update. Had I not recognized the KB update, I would again be uninstalling and hiding the stupid update.

If this was a regular application that I was using, I would have uninstalled it and found a competitors product that was not so arrogant as to keep trying to install an extremely poor example of software. But, unless I want to change over to Apple or Linux, I now have to abide by the most arrogant software manufacturer on the planet.

So exactly how do I keep MS from attempting to update the 10 script, even if uninstalled and hidden???????? And how do I remove the updates available notice on the login screen, when it only involves the 10 script??????