So I'm stuck with a windows 10 install were the installer dose not detect my drives, requesting drivers.
But when you hit the browse button, you can see the drive I want to install too.

This is not the first time this has happened, thou I cant recall what I did to resolved the issue the first time.

Photo of the behaviour
IMG_20160221_134735.jpg - Google Drive

Things I have attempted so far.

I have DBAN the drive. DBAN is the DOD recommend mothered or clean our drives; 3 phase DOD short wipe.
recreate a partitions using diskpart following a technet artical
removed all other drives from the computer
re-downloaded the windows 10 ISO english_international and used the media create tool
All attempts are done from USB as I do not own a CDrom have used both front and rear ports

The PC been used is a

Gigabyte ga-z87x-ud5h, I am currently using the Intel on board sata controller in AHCI mode
With and Intel 520 8 Series SDD 60gb drive

Bios is set to legacy & UFEI

Any help would be much appreciated.