MS says I can't upgrade my laptop as HP has not tested win10 on it.

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  1.    19 Feb 2016 #1

    MS says I can't upgrade my laptop as HP has not tested win10 on it.

    I decided to try and upgrade my HP Pavilion 15 n096sa laptop to Win10 from win8.1. The GET Windows 10 "Check Your PC" report says that PC will work with Win10. There is nothing incompatible, All Items are ticked.

    I booted from a USB copy of the ISO created by the Media Creation toolkit downloaded from MS and which upgrade my Desktop machine with no problems.
    I accepted the License, set the language and currency to UK and choose Upgrade to keep my files and Apps intact.
    After a while of it checking my Laptop it showed a message
    "The computer Started using the Windows Installtion media. remove the media and restart windows so that it restarts normally, then insert media and restart the upgrade"
    Which I follow to the Letter, then I get the message "This PC can't run windows, you can't install windows on a USB Flash Drive using setup"

    I had MS on my laptop for well over 6 hours yesterday checking my PC meets minimum requirements and recreating Win10 images to update my machine, They tried using other tools to create USB Flash drive images, using ISO burned to DVD and when they could not get it to work, they say HP has not tested it with Win10 and to get them to do that and go back to MS.
    On the HP website it says "Note: If you have a PC newer than August 2013,there is a good chance that your product can be upgraded. Continue to the Microsoft Upgrade experience."
    I bought the machine in December 2013.

    Has any one had the same problems or updated with no problems.
    Where do I go now
    Will a clean install work or not?

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  2.    19 Feb 2016 #2

    I'll take a stab at this one..
    From my experience with HP they do drop support for some of the products and you get stuck with the last OS that was installed on it.,. for example I had a nice desktop and it only would support Win7. When I tried to run Win8 on it .. well it would work fine but when I went to shut it down for the night and restart it that's when it would fail. Seems HP will not provide the updates to support new OS's. And this also applies to other OEM's.

    Now having said all of that here is one option you have. Make sure you can make a system backup and backup your personal data. When that's done make sure you can restore the system and you're comfortable with the process.

    At this point you could perform a clean instillation of 10 and see what happens. IF it fails to work properly just restore your PC to the previous settings with the backup you made.

    ... yes.. complicated but that's the best advice I can offer at the moment
    And welcome to the forums

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  3.    19 Feb 2016 #3

    While it's true that HP has not tested your PC for Win10 (they have a site link where you can check that), nonetheless, they DO have Win10 drivers for it:

    IF that page does not show Win10 when you open it, then click on Change and select Win10.

    So, I don't know why they would not have tested it but yet, have produced Win10 drivers. That is unusual for HP.
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  4.    19 Feb 2016 #4

    Generally speaking, if the system runs Windows 8.1 fine, it will handle Windows 10 just as well.
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  5.    19 Feb 2016 #5

    Hi, what, an HP laptop of 2013 you can't upgrade? Hmm. my old HP G60 came with Vista.. and there are no official Win 10 drivers, yet Win 10 32 and 64 bits ran on it.

    I think the first time you booted from your USB drive and selected upgrade was the wrong sequence. An upgrade has to start when you are already in normal mode.

    It's better to try a clean install as recommended by BunnyJ above, as this will give you the best result with the least likelihood of problems.

    First, use disk imaging (e.g. Macrium Reflect Free) to make a complete copy of your system disk/ partition which you can restore. Disk imaging is a great tool - say 20 mins or less to restore your PC if non-booting or to a previously working state, plus you've backed up everything on that disk or partition you've imaged.

    That way you can quickly go back to where you were. Make sure you create the boot disk.
    Disk imaging is better than trying to back up different bits and pieces in this instance.

    However, I did an upgrade of my old laptop from Win 8.1, with 300 programs installed, successfully the SECOND TIME. I had to use my disk image to restore my PC as it was unbootable the first time I tried. I had to uninstall one program before the upgrade worked. After that the first couple of days were tricky getting CPU use under control and not having my video card driver install for a while, and one driver was missing which required special measures.

    Good luck
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       19 Feb 2016 #6

    It sounds like the updater was trying to install Win 10 on the USB drive. I wouldn't have expected that.

    One thing that you could try: if you have the Win 10 ISO, copy it to the hard drive of the laptop. Windows 8.1 can mount it as a virtual drive, and you can run the upgrade from that. (I have done that, a couple of times.)

    You ought to be able to clean install 10 by booting from a USB drive, However, as you almost certainly have a manufacturer's mass license, activating 10 without buying a new license may be difficult. I suggest doing the upgrade. Once you have activated that, you can clean install at will on the same hardware. ("digital entitlement")
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       19 Feb 2016 #7

    I booted from a USB copy of the ISO created by the Media Creation toolkit downloaded from MS and which upgrade my Desktop machine with no problems.

    Do NOT boot from the flash drive.
    This is a common error - no sweat

    Boot to Win8.1
    Insert the flash drive with Win10
    Run setup off the flash drive

    An upgrade MUST be from a machine running Windows

    A clean install would also work
    see: Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums
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  8.    20 Feb 2016 #8

    A problem you run into a LOT with HP machines is the switchable graphics that many of them came with preinstalled. Most of the posts on the HP forums with failed upgrades are based on this problem.

    My HP laptop failed miserably several different times, even though I tried upgrading using different methods (online, USB stick) and different versions (10240, 10586).

    What DID work was a clean install using the GenuineTicket approach documented in these forums. After that, I only had to install one HP driver to get full functionality.
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  9.    20 Feb 2016 #9

    HP are disengenuos. They admitted they were encouraging people not to upgrade as it creates a bigger workload on their support teams (Dell did the same).

    Also a liability issue. If they say its compatible without full testing, and you go ahead and lose data as a result, then you could potentially sue them. If they say it is not or has not been tested, it is at your own risk!

    I have yet to find an incompatible pc that ran Windows 8.1.
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  10.    22 Feb 2016 #10

    Thanks for all the help you have given so far. I will attemp the Hero upgrade later in the week once I locate all the software I will need to reinstall.

    Thanks Pete
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