Okay so, this is my father's laptop. He knows nothing about working with computers, but the had the genius idea of installing Windows 10 entirely on his own. Installation seems to have gone okay, the computer now has Windows 10 properly installed.

But of course, there are problems.

So, loads up okay. Login screen. I enter the password. It says "Welcome" and starts loading up. All of a sudden it switches to a black screen with just the cursor. The toolbar might flash for a second every once in a while but nothing else happens. I can open task manager and I see stuff is happening, it's like there is a black curtain covering the desktop.

I've searched around the internet for a solution but I didn't find any I could do and that worked. It just doesn't let me get to the desktop. Can't figure out how to start Safe Mode. It also isn't a "clean install" and I can't do that because my father has important stuff on this laptop.

Any help would be appreciated.