Windows 10: SSD cloned backwards Solved

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  1.    08 Feb 2016 #11

    SSD Cloned Backwards

    Clintlgm, according to Disk management in windows it shows 3 partitions 100meg EFI partition, the Primary partition and a 450 meg recovery, however Macrium Reflect shows 4 partitions but the worst of it is I cannot clone these partitions because MR wants to clone the entire primary partition which is 930.85gigs, that would be fine but I'm going from a 1tb to a 512 and that ain't going to happen. On the partition itself there's only 98gig used the rest is empty save for dump and such so MR won't work. I tried to do a clean install but that ain't gonna happen either. I was treating the SSD as a regular drive and figured I'd delete all the partitons, reformat and then install. Nope. I end up with a 498.something partition I can't delete. I can create a 100meg and a primary partition but can't get a 450 created. Looks like I just threw away $249. Oh well, stuff happens. Now I got aan SSD that's worthless.
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       09 Feb 2016 #12

    Yes in the video it is explained how to shrink your C:\ so that all fits on your SSD. Review the video again. SO MR Will work it has for thousands of us. you just adjust the size of C:\ partition during the set up process. That is correct that you have to clone the complete Hard drive to the SSD if you expect to have a booting OS.

    You also can at any time just clean install to the SSD following the tutorials in these forums.

    If your original hard drive is still good? Use Diskpart to Clean your SSD then follow the video and all will fit and work. I don't think there is more than one MR Free but here another link
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  3.    09 Feb 2016 #13

    I am using the drive at present by way of Samsung software cause I got so frustrated. I do admit I would have liked to use MR and I will review the video again. I'm just wondering, playing around with this SSD, how will it reflect on the TPW? Guess I'll find out.
    I tried to clean install Win 10 but the install gave me an error sayin that it could not install to the disk. If I could have deleted the entire partition, I might have been able to but unfortunately DISKPART is not in my vocabulary. I have used it but it's been years since I have.
    My other C drive is fine so I guess I'm going to try again only this time I'll use MR and get it right. I really wanted a 1tb Samsung but settled for a 512. I'll probably get one and use this one in my laptop.
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       09 Feb 2016 #14

    Diskpart to get to diskpart
    in search box type CMD
    Right click cmd.exe and click on Run as Administrator

    When CMD is open type in Diskpart
    then List Disk
    Select Disk ? your SSD
    convert GPT

    continue on with cloning your hard drive to your SSD
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  5.    10 Feb 2016 #15

    thank you for that Clintlgm, I sure did need that. I had decided to query Diskpart, forgotten so much cause I don't use the stuff every day. I did review the video again in regards to shrinking the partition but, in the video I do believe that he is going from a large disk to a large disk. Problem, to reduce the size of a large partition, say 900 gigs by 450megs to a 512 disk will not work. I would think that you would have to shrink the 900gig partition down first and see what you come up with. I was going to try that using Disk management but the partition is still to large for the 512. Shrink will not allow you to go beyond the point where unmovable files are located. Macrium Reflect, in my opinion, is probably the best to use for same size disk but going from large to small, I just don't see it.
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       10 Feb 2016 #16

    It will work you can Shrink that C:\ down as much as you have data in it. In the video he is cloning a 1TB hard drive to a 512 Gb SSD. He even shows you how to calculate the exact size you need to shrink C:\ partition to make it fit. If you have more data in that partition, then you will have to move the data to another hard drive. your only shrinking empty space. if you have more then 450 GB of data on that hard drive you will have to move it somewhere else before you clone.
    In the video at 7:10 he is moving the C:\ 910 GB down to the smaller 500 GB SSD at that point he explains for you how to shrink that partition so that it and the Recovery partition will fit.
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  7.    10 Feb 2016 #17

    OK, you're right. I guess I was just getting wrapped around the wheel. I copied the video so I'll have it to refer to.
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       11 Feb 2016 #18

    Yes all this UEFI stuff gave us all a hard time for while. Luckily we have these forums with really sharp tool type people to show us the way and help us understand better this new technology. Next is NVMe SSD even more confusion but amazing speed 4 times faster than these current SATA SSD's. Good luck an be sure to let us know when you have success.
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  9.    12 Feb 2016 #19

    SSD cloned backwards

    I would like to address Winuser. In your screenshot of your hard drive, the disk is correctly partitioned, however in my screen shot (see below) you will notice something different. I commented in the screen shot for better understanding. Looking at the use of Macrium Reflect and the way it clones drives, in my opinion is THE best to use when doing cloning and thanks to Clintlgm for enlightening me on this. I'm sure that there are others out there that feel that, because the system boots after they have used the enclosed Data Migration program that came with the drive, everything is ok. However that is not the case. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying everyone who has migrated has used the factory program, I'm just say some, like me, who don't understand the consequences of an improper cloning and thinks that the factory program will properly partition their hard drive. Thank goodness for forums. There are people out there who have done many things and made the mistakes and corrected them through trial and error and, I must admit, know more about whats going on than the so called pros.
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  10.    13 Feb 2016 #20

    Now that I have followed Clintlgm's lead on this, I'm happy to say my disk is now cloned the proper way and is running fine. I do have to admit that I was a little apprehensive once I started the process but, like I said, everything is just fine. My next project will be to put an SSD in my laptop and now that I know how to do it, it'll be a snap. Thanks again Clintlgm and thanks for the Macrium Reflect.
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