In case anyone web searches this one - Have build 9926 running pretty well on Thinkpad X120E; 8gb, conventional hdd, E-350 APU. All the devices actually loaded pretty well - the only thing I fetched so far, manually, was the AMD USB filters package. Luckily, so far the updates of W10 have not supplanted the Microsoft genereic SATA driver. On other similar builds this is an issue I have to manage because AMD can't seem to code a working SATA driver consistently.
It causes a lot of I/O traffic apparently on state check or something - retries/bus-traffic. there are a couple of good SATA drivers for it but it was less work to just sub the Microsoft generic

other than those things, everything else intalled pretty smoothly, although I needed to turn off a few ill-behaved services that were creating a storm of CPU and disk activity. now nice and quiet.

I do have the "installation fail error code ####" in the events log a few times but 90% is all good so far

I have W10 on another APU build - a HP G4-1117dx with A4-3300m and it works rather well. Based on that one, which has been up for a few weeks, I thought I would see similar speediness on this X120E but so far its about like 7 in responsiveness except when something is being fetched from Wupdates in the background