Hi All,
Been pulling my hair out for months working with this OS and MDT. I'm creating a master image (Golden) on a virtual machine and when the software for our organization is installed, and a test user logs into the Virtual machine for the first time, Cortana and search are disabled. Logs also show errors with initializing "Search". Here are my image build steps:
-Install OS, log into machine with default Administrator account
-Create a local administrator account. Log off of "built-In" admin account.
-Log in with "new" local administrator account.
-Install updates. Rename and join computer to domain
-Log into VM with a default domain account (Used to customize apps for domain users). Install and configure apps.
-Log off domain account. Log in with "new" local admin account
-Copy domain user account profile to the "Default" profile. Use regedit to load "Default" hive. Remove references of domain account"
-Remove domain account SID and user folder.
-Remove VM from domain
-Sysprep, and Shutdown.
When I use a domain joined account to log into the VM, Cortana and Search is disabled. When I log into the machine as the newly created "Admin" account. Search and Cortana work as expected. For some reason it seems to be permissions related to the "Apps" folder, but Im not sure. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.