dalchina said:
It will be one of my early tasks.. with Win 8 I had boot options set for Safe Mode and Normal.. which led to the interesting situation when I upgraded to '10 that I was initially presented with options to boot to Win 10 and to Win 8 Safe Mode...

My first thought is usually to try to ensure I can get out of the mess I'm going to get myself into... and since the late 90's and my first laptop I can say I've never lost anything much, as regards data, and recovered from partition table corruption and other problems.

I've used disk imaging for a good number of years, and am aware of the issues with UEFI of using boot disks- just have to deal with it for the 1st time.

I am, however, looking forward to an OS booting off Samsung 951 MSata (really fast) to HyperX RAM.... and fast program loading. USB3 then should make imaging a whole lot faster. Add on a hi-res screen.. hmm. And I started with a 366MHz processor, 10Gb disk, 3 laptops ago... (and earlier with a 16 bit system with 64k bytes RAM where 8 cards - PCBs- each had 8kbytes of RAM on them).
Yeah amazing how things have changed. I actually had an IBM XT from one of the very first batches shipped to UK, running MSDOS, as I was working for the government, and we got priority over business due to defence related work. Boy - we thought they were awesome. CPU was approx 5 MHZ (compare 2000 MHz now!).