Hy guys, on a UEFI PC Asus g752, a Windows 10 bootable usb is not recognized during boot time. The PC has Secure Boot Disabled and CS mode enabled in the BIOS/UEFI.

The bootable USB was created using Rufus and I tried all options including MBR/UEFI and GPT/UEFI ,
both using FAT32. I use the 90 Day Trial Windows 10 Enterprise available from microsoft.com.
The option named "MBR for BIOS or UEFI-CSM" does not work neither with its difference being that it forces the USB into NTFS mode vs the other two options, which allow it stay in FAT32 ...

The UEFI Asus pc will not boot from that USB, using the "Flash" selection during boot and ends up in black screen with cursor blinking.. Also this same USB
will not boot on a non-UEFI Dell laptop neither resulting in the same black screen with blinking cursor ...

Now, creating a bootable USB with the official Microsoft tool : MediaCreationToolx64 still cannot boot the UEFI Asus PC with the same blinking cursor result ... however it will boot the other non-UEFI Dell Laptop.

How can I create a bootable USB for that UEFI Asus PC ?