Pc v owner --PC winning

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    Win 7

    Pc v owner --PC winning

    Trying to update to Win 10 per Microsoft offer byr after 5/6 attempts where all goes well each time for the approx 90mins download sequence I receive this message and a "try again" prompt

    Is 10 worth the effort members or/ do I just submit and stay with 7 / or save files clean PC and do a complete clean install etc

    Anyone else had the following --and found a solution ?

    Any/or all advice would be greatly appreciated before PC goes thro window onto lawn!

    On screenmessage as follows :-

    "Windows Update

    Red cross X Windows 10 could not be installed

    Failed : 1 update

    Errors Found :-

    C1900101 – 30018

    Windows update encountered an unknown error (get help with this error?)

    Most recent check for updates :today at 17.25

    Updates installed today at 19.22

    View update history:

    You receive updates for Windows and other products from Microsoft update

    Find out more about Free software updates from Microsoft Update Check here for details

    7 results for "WindowsUpdate_C1900101" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"


    1 Install Windows updates in Windows 7


    2 Windows Update error 80070008 or 8007000e


    3 Windows Update error 8007f0f4 or FFFFFFFF


    4 Windows Update error 800705b4


    5 Windows Update error 80072efe or 80072f76


    6 Windows Update error 8024200d


    7 Windows Update error 8024002D "
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, you might well be more successful downloading Win 10 iso (make sure you choose the right one) and using that. You then also can use that subsequently if necessary for an in place upgrade repair install (useful!).

    You can find appropriate instructions in the Tutorial section (see above).

    Make sure you use disk imaging to image your Win 7 so if anything goes wrong (and it did first time for me) you can restore Win 7 from your image backup.

    Aomei Backupper or Macrium Reflect (free) + external storage medium for backup + their boot disk (make sure you create it).

    Disk image backups are REALLY useful and allow you to restore your system in a defined time and provide a full backup.
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    Try this

    download iso, double click on it and UPGRADE (not clean install) by running setup.exe

    Tech Bench

    No updates required.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    You can follow this guide to get the iso.
    Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums

    Please do take care to use disk imaging to create an image before upgrading. If sthg goes wrong, you could end up with an unbootable system. Disk imaging is a valuable precaution which can prevent bucketloads of frustration.
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    Windows 10 64

    Sounds like my latest experience. I had 7 machines go basically ok, and one (my mother in law's laptop!) is killing me. Same basic thing, with 20 different errors. I just reloaded win 7 pro with a fresh install, then tried the media creation tool... lo and behold! It says "There was a problem...blah blah..)

    Its pretty amazing how arcane some of these fixes are. I'm finding it pretty time consuming to get all this stuff to work. It shouldn't be this hard. Most of the machines I upgraded required some sort of brain surgery, with some dopey error message that required reading 100 forum posts to find a way to actually fix it.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    To try to answer the question 'is '10 worth the effort'..
    1. if your PC is stable now and does what you need- why change?
    2. Win 7 full support ended in January last year
    3. Win 7's appearance and start menu satisfied most- Win 10 is
    - worse in appearance (my opinion)
    - has a much worse start menu (easily replaced)
    4. The universal apps add nothing you can't do otherwise, but there are some good ones you can get from the Store
    5. The Edge browser is default- and all defaults will be set to the new apps. Thus to get back to where you were requires work.
    6. Improving Win 10's appearance takes work.
    7. The update- if it goes smoothly- takes about 2 to 3 hours (say) assuming you download and keep an iso for in-place upgrade repair installs (very useful).
    8. You have to get used to a whole new regime of updates, and how to limit their impact.
    9. The new apps and Cortana can break if you fiddle in puzzling ways.
    10. The way we used to fix the apps now breaks them. Hmm.
    11. Upgrading may introduce driver related problems.
    12. Users have commonly reported problems here with respect to sleep.
    13. More problems have been reported about desktop icons being re-arranged than with earlier Windows.
    14. Some users have experienced odd problems with hardware that worked fine in earlier Windows.


    If you activate Win 10 within the year from launch you get to keep it on your current PC (some hardware changes allowed).

    ('You pays your money (0) and you takes your chance')
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    dalchina said:
    12. Users have commonly reported problems here with respect to sleep
    I have, yes. Keeps me up for hours.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

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