I'm trying to migrate my Win10x64 OS and apps (not concerned about data) to a larger HDD by using several software apps (Acronis, AOEMI Partition Assistant) in Clone or Copy or Migrate modes. So far, none of them will boot when the older boot drive is disconnected or disabled. When looking at the drives in Drive Management screen, they both look like they have the right partition arrangement, and both are GPT (the larger one has some unallocated space). I've been working on this for a week using every trick I can think of with no success. Now I'm starting to think that since the Win10x64 was an upgrade from 8.1x64 that maybe there is something lingering that is preventing the new one from booting. Or maybe the bios settings for UZEFI/Legacy is allowing one to boot but not happy to the newer one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mobo is Asus Z97 Deluxe with 32gb.