Windows Rollback - it works!

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    Windows Rollback - it works!

    I installed this latest version of TP (9926). Install worked just fine as a upgrade to W8.1.

    But I don't like it at all at this point in time and this was on my very used Yoga 2 Pro. So today I rebooted the machine and saw that it had the rollback as an option on the boot screen. Selected that and a very few minutes later, I was back to my W8.1 just as if I never left it.

    While I'm not enamored of the W10TP at this point in time, I really like that this is there and that it works. Frankly I had my doubts and was wondering what would happen if I did what I did. One of the things I didn't like about the previous versions of W10TP was that it made going back a real PITA with all sorts of convolutions to restore a machine to a pre-W10 condition with all data and apps intact.

    Now I'd like to know what I can delete to regain some disk space. Anyone got any clues about what can be done away with after a rollback?

    Also, since I'm not running W10TP I don't have access to the feedback and I would really like someone to pass to MS that the rollback worked fine for me.
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    I spoke too soon it seems.

    While it does seem to work overall, some glitches caused me to have to do a system restore.

    1. Mail/calendar/people tiles no longer show the app name, only 'Microsoft windows' in the tile.
    2. Uninstalled them
    3. Went to the store but couldn't login, got an error about 'wrong length'. No clue what that means.

    But the good part is that this build DOES NOT mess with the recovery partition, or at least it doesn't on the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    That "rollback" boot item isn't really intended to be used after the initial installation. It's one of the bugs listed in the "Known Issues" that this menu item is left in by mistake.
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    I know it wasn't supposed to show up, but I don't remember reading that it wouldn't work.

    Anyway, it kind of worked which isn't good, but it appears that it is something that might work going forward.
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    Windows 10 Build 14267

    It appears in my boot menu too !

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    Win_8.1-Pro, Win_10.1607-Pro, Mint_17.3

    Insider Hub: Known issues
    • After installing this build, you may see a boot selection menu each time you reboot your PC. This is because a second boot option has been added for uninstalling the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

    • If you do nothing when you get to this screen, it will automatically boot to the Windows 10 Technical Preview within 30 seconds by default (you can change the default). You can also choose to uninstall Tech Preview through this boot selection screen to get back up and running. Don’t worry—this behavior is only temporary. In future builds, you’ll be able to uninstall through the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE).

    • If you would like to remove the uninstall option from the boot up experience, do the following:
      1. From the Start menu or the Search icon, search for cmd.
      2. Press and hold or right-click Command Prompt from the search results, then select Run as administrator.
      3. Type bcdedit /timeout 0 at the command prompt and hit Enter.

      You can get the uninstall option back in the boot menu by following these steps again, but change the timeout value to something between 1 and 30, instead of zero.]
    It is intentional for the 9926 release - they must be working on WinRE and it wasn't ready in time.

    Windows Rollback - it works!-win10boot.png
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    Yeah, it seems that the warning was that it shouldn't be there yet, but it is for at least some.

    And the rollback works for most things, but you lose access to the store as I noted in the 2nd post I made. Other than that it worked OK. I was able to run all the apps I normally run, it looked and ran as I had expected W8.1 to do.

    But it boogered the naming of people and the other apps I noted, and no way to correct that. And of course with no way to use the Store, I had to do a full restore. Not a biggie and it was nice that W10TP hadn't boogered the recovery partition as previous releases had.
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    Win 10 Pro x64

    It's a work in progress like the Store Beta. It's there right in front but it doesn't work at all.
    Good to know it somehow worked for you.
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    Windows 10 Pro For Workstations

    Mystere said:
    That "rollback" boot item isn't really intended to be used after the initial installation. It's one of the bugs listed in the "Known Issues" that this menu item is left in by mistake.
    It might be "A Known Issue" but it does work. I have tested it twice and it worked perfectly. After doing that one of my PC's sent a compressed 800 mb file to M$ with unresolved issues???
    I also tried to upgrade my Windows 8.1 with Hyper V and after several hours of "getting things ready" I stopped it and booted to the recovery option which restored 8.1. So it may be a mistake but I have given it a hard time and it worked just fine in 3 out of 3 cases.
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    insider build 10586.3 win10 pro 64

    i just did rollback to win7, a warning that some apps will not function depending on when there were install I guess, a media player app I installed just before doing the upgrade didn't work, I reinstall it ,file explore icon on the taskbar didn't work ,missing location error ,I just open file explore from [my]computer ,and re-pined it.

    I was amazed at how quick it did the rollback
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