Somehow I've managed to create what I think is a mess with my system after a clean install of Win 10 Pro 64bit on a new SSD. I get the below attached hodge-podge of boot options at bios boot...some of those drives have...or have never had operating systems on them and are only used for storage, etc.

In addition what do the P(x) entries in the bios screen mean or signify...and what's the difference between a 'P' entry and a UEFI entry in the bios ? Also BCEdit reports something on EFI issues below?

The issue is if I start Win 10 from either the Win boot screen or bios it runs fine...but if I start 7 from either the boot screen or the bios boot screen.. .it takes minutes to load and runs very sluggishly. Once I started Win 7 at boot up and it ran fine...but haven't been able to reproduce that one time it ran normal ? I have the current BCEdit...but not sure how to fix this from here or what if anything to change ?

Have current Acronis tib images of both current systems in case I really mess up trying to solve the very slow 7 startup vs the quick clean new 10 startup ? Note: Win 10 runs fine from either Win boot screen (either of the 2 Windows 10 entries ?) or bios boot.....7 runs but runs like a snail from both options.

I have the following entries in my Windows boot screen system start up: (don't know why there's 2 Win 10's - didn't try to create that - but both entries work to boot 10 ?)

Windows 10
Windows 10
Windows 7

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