Hi all,

I'm quite stuck. Finished my machine build last night, got it to POST ok, and am now having some real trouble trying to install Windows 10. Here's what happens:

- Boot from windows 10 usb
- Install windows successfully (can navigate around and use the system like normal)
- After about 3-10m the screen goes black, I can still see the white cursor for a few seconds, and then the signal drops out and the monitor goes to sleep
- On reboot, I seeing the circle of dots, but then the signal drops and the monitor goes to sleep.
- Boot into safe mode using F8 at startup (I reenabled F8 during the 3-10m it works)
- Safe mode works, but nothing I've tried so far from safemode has made any difference on normal boot. -- no display signal after swirling dots.

Here's what I've tried so far that hasn't worked:

- Run windows update from safe mode --- but my network won't work from safe mode, and the driver install for my ethernet card fails.
- Update drivers from safemode -- most driver installers won't run. And device manager either thinks its got the right driver (chipset) or the install timesout (network card)
- Reinstall windows and Disable sleep/hibernate.
- Reinstall windows and run windows update as the first thing to try to get new graphics card drivers (didn't finish in time)

I'm at a loss at this point. Never had an issue like this on my previous builds.
Thanks in advance for your help.