So I have searched a couple of topics about this but no definite fix has been found so I was hoping now there maybe a fix.

Anyway some history, I upgraded to Windows 10 recently and it was working okay until I changed the 'theme colour' of the desktop then the screen went black and stayed black. So I tried booting from safe mode to disable my video drivers but when Windows loaded the screen would just keep flickering the colour I changed the desktop to and nothing would load.
My next attempt to solve this was to try repairing the startup but no errors were found, so I tried the reset option but towards the end it would say Windows was unable to reset.

Finally I tried to use a boot usb to reinstall Windows 10 64bit Pro that way, and it would begin the install then restart and load the installation screen but come up with an error message saying 'Windows encountered and unexpected error press ok to restart' and this would continue to happen so I did some research and found this: http://heresjaken.com/the-computer-r...on-of-windows/
And followed the steps which told me to change a hkey value in the setup file from 1 to 3. This got rid of the error message but now my computer boots normally then the installation screen comes up but is stuck at the 64% installation mark then the computer restarts, which continues to happen with no change.

I have also tried plugging my laptop into the router via Ethernet but it doesn't help.

I would really love to avoid doing a clean install and losing all my files since my backup hdd has also crashed so I have nothing.

Anyone know of any fixes

Ps. I read a potential fix from this topic: www.tenforums.com/installation-setup/19248-stuck-loop-during-windows-10-reset.html
For someone experiencing the same problem but I am unsure if it would work (last comment).

Thank you for your time!