W10TP on a Yoga 2 Pro??

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    W10TP on a Yoga 2 Pro??

    I just got a new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro over the holidays. I got the i7 version. Has anyone installed W10TP as an upgrade on this unit?

    And if so, were there any gotchas with any of the default apps on the Yoga 2 Pro?

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    You should wait another couple of weeks for the newest version and finally a 10CP "customer preview" to be released,
    On or after 1/21/15
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    Good advice, thanks.
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    Your welcome that's what I'm waiting for as well nothing special about 10TP except the possible bugs might get fixed in 10CP
    Either way make sure you have a way to get back your original os I'm guessing 8.1...
    If true you could use Hyper-V features in it to try them out ?
    Hyper-V - How to Use in Windows 8
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    I've got to get around to creating a USB recovery stick, supposedly that would let me go back to a virgin state. Actually I would hope that the consumer preview doesn't diddle the recovery partition. The Windows 8.1 upgrade doesn't on the original Surface Pro, so there's no reason that it needs to.

    It should be w10TP upgrade and if later you have to do a recovery, it should recover to whatever the factory load was when I bought it. That's a question I'll be watching to see the answer for.

    If it diddles the recovery partition, I'll probably just throw the consumer preview into VMWare and run in that virtual machine. With an i7 and 8Gb RAM that should be more than tolerable. It was tolerable on the SurfacePro 1st gen with an i5 and only 4Gb RAM.

    I think that this 13.3" 10x9 screen will be very good with W10. I never liked it on the 10" screen of the SurfacePro 'cause using the desktop on that is painful to my eyes.
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    10 Pro Preview x64

    lparsons21 said:
    It should be w10TP upgrade and if later you have to do a recovery, it should recover to whatever the factory load was when I bought it. That's a question I'll be watching to see the answer for.
    Nope, you can't. Better make a system image first, or dual boot, or run a VM.

    You'll need to reinstall your version of Windows from the recovery or installation media that came with your PC (typically DVD media). If you don't have recovery media: For Windows 8.1 or Windows 8: You might be able to create a USB recovery drive. For more info, see Create a USB recovery drive.
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    I agree nope,
    But Microsoft is issuing a toolbox to add win-10 to it's windows update system so that's an option
    Upcoming Windows 10 Technical Preview build include ISOs
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    Well I'm good and ready for the W10 Consumer Preview.

    Being anal, I made both a USB recovery stick and added the driver disk that Lenovo likes to use. And since I have a WD EHD and WD's lite version of Acronis True Image, I made a disk image too.

    Acronis has been great! Saved my bacon when the HP puked all over the W10TP install and is much better than using HP's recovery tools by a long shot imo. Even came in handy on the Surface Pro 1st gen when I installed and went back a couple times. 1st time using the ISO for a recovery from MS which is a real PITA to have to do as it puts on W8 and then you have to load a big pile of updates before you can update to W8.1. Took forever it seemed.

    So I made an Acronis image after all was in the right condition and the next time it was much simple and a hell of a lot quicker!

    BTW, if anyone is looking for a pretty light (3 lbs) laptop/tablet hybrid, the Yoga 2 Pro is a winner imo. i7/8Gb/256Gb for $999 beats the heck out of most. The QHD screen (3200x1800??) is wonderful and the battery life is around 7.5 to 8.5 hours depending on what you want to do.

    I originally bought the Yoga 3 Pro, but took it back as the performance was laggy imo. Loved the ultra light weight and the overall look and feel. But that Core M CPU just isn't ready for a premium priced box imo.
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    Windows 8.1

    If you google the below title you'll see why choosing the Yoga 2 Pro instead was the right decision and yeah, how that mobile processor is not any good as of now:
    Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro (Core M) performance tests reveal throttling, fan noise! (new here, so not sure links are really allowed, hence the title instead).

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    I've read most of the articles I could find after I got and returned a Yoga 3 Pro. And while I didn't dig into the tech much, just from a user perspective it was laggy and that just wasn't tolerable to me.

    So not only did I save a few bucks, I got more for those less bucks!! :)

    The Yoga 3 Pro is certainly an eye catcher though, and oh so light!! Hope they get the next round right!! :)
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