Can't install w10 update, UEFI error?

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    You have already your system image and install DVD?

    Perhaps it is easier to do this instead...

    1. Boot from DVD
    2. Take option "Install now" followed by "I don't have a product key", accept terms etc
    3. When you get to this screen

    Can't install w10 update, UEFI error?-capture.png

    press Shift + F10 to open command prompt window.

    4. As descripbed here Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk - Windows 7 Help Forums enter:

    select disk 0
    convert gpt

    5. Install windows (this will create the partitions you want).

    6. Depending if you made your system image with Windows or Macrium boot from Windows DVD or Macrium repair disk and restore C: partition only. This will restore all your programs and data. Let us know what sort of system image you made if you want more info on this.
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    DiscoSlice said:
    It's an error I can't seem to bypass.
    This situation is very much like the other thread. But I found a note on the Partition Wizard site.

    Note: MiniTool Partition Wizard can only help users convert the MBR disk which doesn’t include system partition to GPT disk. Otherwise, conversion operations can not be carried out to MBR disk.
    I was also wondering why the upgrade was giving the error message since I have never seen that one before. Possibly it is due to the System partition being formatted as FAT32 on a Legacy install where it is normally NTFS.

    It is easy to recreate a EFI system partition and use the command suggested to replace the boot files, but you have to be able to boot to the install media to allow for operations in Diskpart.

    If you are doing a clean install, you don't need to convert the drive beforehand. Just remove the partitions first. A clean install would be best, if you can.
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    Ok guys so you are saying I HAVE to do a clean install, right? And wipe the drive? Just making sure. I used regular Windows backup to back up my files to drive D. Is that good enough? Or is Macrium better? i see it's free.
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    Also, If I do a CLEAN install, do I not follow lx07's steps then?
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    If you do a clean install you can restore back the whole of your C drive only (if you have made a system image). The clean install will have corrected your other partition types. This would restore all your programs and data. You said you made a "regular windows backup". If you mean system image then this will be fine.

    Alternatively after the clean install you can re-install your programs and restore back your data. This is a cleaner solution but more time consuming if you have lots of programs to re-install. You can then restore your user data either from a system image or by copying your documents etc to one of your other drives and copying them back after.

    I'd suggest you set your BIOS to UEFI before you start and then just delete all your partitions (by selecting the partitions one at a time and clicking the delete button) when you get to the screen in post 21 above. As @Saltgrass said there is no need for the diskpart steps (I forgot about that and was overcomplicating it).
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    Thanks lx - I got it to work! Ended up just re-installing programs after and going totally clean.
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    I have the "unsupported disk layout" problem. I follow most of the thread, but I'm very unsure about the MSR partition creation. I'll attach a picture of my layout. Can you clarify my steps to complete the msr part?
    Can't install w10 update, UEFI error?-uefi.png
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    MSR partitions are only for UEFI installs using the GPT drive configuration. You don't have that so it is not relevant.

    I cannot tell from your limited attachment whether you have an active partition. The Windows 7 partition is showing system but if it were the System partition, it should be set as active on an MBR install. Maybe if you would include the other drives and expand out the Status column on the upper part of the attachment it might help.
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    Thanks for picking up on this. Here's a pix of the entire drive setup.
    Can't install w10 update, UEFI error?-uefi2.png
    Should explain: SSD is unused, waiting for "final" version. At the moment C: Is the main drive where Windows 10 is installed. I have a CD ISO of V14332 that I'm trying to install. C: is where I get the error.
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    I still can't tell for sure the C: partition is active but it must be since you are booting to it.

    The SSD having an active partition may cause problems if it is listed first in the drive priority order so you need to change the E: partition so it is not active or make sure the SSD is listed as a lower priority than the Windows 7 install drive. Check your Bios for the drive order.

    Not sure why you show the Seagate as Active if you did not install to it, but it may be in the same situation as the SSD.
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