I recently ran the auto upgrade to 10 from 7 and when my computer boots up I see the windows icon with the spinning dots underneath and then my screen says "not supported". After a few minutes the tv says "no signal". That makes me think that it is getting a signal from the computer that is simply not compatible until the screen saver kicks in and it gets "no signal". If i wiggle the mouse after the "no signal" appears on the tv it flickers and then says "not supported" again.
I am using a Lenovo q150 that runs to my MAG tv via hdmi. I do not have another monitor to plug into although I am bringing home a monitor cord to connect to my tv in hopes that it will work.
If it does... what setting should I be looking for to make the tv/display work through the hdmi? I use this as a home theater setup and have all my kids movies running on it. It has worked great until now and I am regretting upgrading to 10.
Thanks for any help.