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Well, doesn't help me since I don't have a dual boot system with Linux.

But I've done a 4th attempt today.
I uninstalled my antivirus programs (Avira and Malwarebytes)
I uninstalled my Firewall (Comodo Firewall)
I uninstalled the realtek ethernet controller drivers
and I deleted the reg key which was referred to in the last setuperr.log (the key was related to something called Xbox Game Input Protocol Driver

This time, it succeeded!
Running Windows 10 1511 now without issues (however intel rapid storage icon doesn't appear anymore on the task bar, nor can I find it back anywhere, but is that much of a concern?)*
Do I have to merge the deleted reg key back in? I checked the registry and the deleted reg key was already present (regenerated by the upgrade?)Thank you Windows Sniper, your advice has worked!

*Edit: Fixed the missing intel RST thingy by installing the missing motherboard driver from the manufacturer's site.