Windows 10: System unusable after "successful" 1511 (1115, 1511, whatever) upgrade

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  1.    01 Dec 2015 #11

    Thanks for the replies...

    I can boot the system, and it runs - how well I'm not sure, although with Windows Search disabled it runs better. Unfortunately, this is a desktop that's set up to boot straight into the desktop, so there's no "not logging in"...

    BUT, being impatient and getting really tired of wasting hours (just over 24 at this point) I put the ISO on a DVD and redid the update. AND, it went RELATIVELY good at first, although it did the well-known "hang" at 32% and 6% whatever. That took just over 12 MINUTES to end. Then it continued (about 15 seconds before I was going to give up and hit the power switch). And went through and got through all the "apps" screen and the "we've got new features" crap and we're RIGHT BACK TO THE "We'll be ready soon" where it's now been sitting for 21 MINUTES.... This is the point it hit LAST NIGHT where I let it sit ALL NIGHT and it was still in the same place this morning.......

    Does anybody HAVE ANY IDEA what this $%^&* is doing? And whether or not I can END THIS and have a functional system?

    I"ve read enough screaming rants today about what a totally piss-poor job Microsoft did on this thing that I don't figure I need to start screaming too, but I definitely consider this a lesson learned. If you DON'T have DAYS to waste trying to get a system working again, DON'T INSTALL THESE THINGS UNTIL MS HAS HAD MONTHS TO FIX at least the MAJORITY of major screw ups in every version of anything they release. Being a beta tester gets old when they TELL you you're one, but expecting actual, functional, production-ready software and getting this kind of kludgy crap is absolutely infuriating.

    Anyhow, thanks for the help, and again, can ANYBODY tell me when I can kill this idiotic page and the likelihood of having a FULLY FUNCTIONAL system?
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  2.    01 Dec 2015 #12

    OK, another loop through the shut down system, boot into safe mode, disable windows search, reboot, and I'm back to a HOPEFULLY functional system... It doesn't APPEAR to be doing anything undesirable.

    I think I'll leave it alone and see what happens when I actually try to do work......
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  3.    02 Dec 2015 #13

    Well, it worked ok last night. No bizarre, huge, constant 60 - 70% cpu loads...

    This morning, I rebooted it and it immediately started the same garbage again... I can't see WHAT the load is 'cause the Task Manager can't even update. I can't even type from the keyboard - it never gets through. I can't even shut down 'cause the Shut down can't display the shutdown options.

    Unfortunately, since I've got windows search disabled, I don't even know what's causing the load at this point......

    I CAN see that about 50% of the time, when I have to hit the reset to reboot the thing, it doesn't boot - it displays the "American Megatrends" logo on a blank screen and hangs there. I have to hit the reset button again...

    Also, when I DO get the task manager to run, I have a LOT of duplicate processes - like 3 COM surrogate processes. There's also something called "appmodel(2)" that I don't recall seeing before. Two instances of Client Server Runtime Process, and a huge number o Service Host: Local Service or Local System processes. Not sure if any of these are the problem, but I DON'T REMEMBER SEEING SOME OF THESE BEFORE...

    Anybody have any thoughts about what may be happening THIS time?
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       02 Dec 2015 #14

    Hi GracieAllen, Sorry you have the problems back again - it looked so promising yesterday!

    Multiple instances of the Service Host processes are quite normal. I'm not sure what to suggest but I feel that if possible you should leave the computer on (set "put computer to sleep" to never) and leave it connected to the internet overnight and let it sort itself out. Often things like disk defragmentation, search indexing, scheduled maintenance + other tasks will go on in the background and if these are all trying to complete when you reboot the machine it will tie itself up for a while.

    From one of your earlier posts I think you are using a local account rather than signing in to a Microsoft account. There may be some benefits to signing in especially if you want to synchronise settings between multiple computers but I leave that up to you.
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  5.    02 Dec 2015 #15

    Well, it's fixed... I don't have time to mess with a box that's this screwed up and unreliable. So, blew it away and started over. I'll be reinstalling for at least a day and probably waste a half day making Windows 10 productive (I fervently wish MS hadn't dumbed down the XP interface in favor of something for 12-year-olds), but at least I'll generally be able to rely on the box working when I need it... Although, since I put on the 1511 version, I'm not real sure how reliable it will be, but it didn't make a lot of sense to put on the old version of W10.

    Anyhow, now I'd like to find out how to remove all the bovine excrement Microsoft now clogs these things with - the store, and all the other app crap that's of absolutely no interest or use.
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