Windows 10: Dual-Boot System upgraded to Windows 10, now Win7 gives LogON error Solved

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  1.    25 Nov 2015 #11

    Now this is interesting. Before the Windows 10 upgrade the drives were labled:
    C: Win7 (HDD-0), D: WinXP, G: Win7 (HDD-1) with the C Drive being flagged with the Windows 7 Icon.

    If I booted into WinXP the drives were relabled:
    C: WinXP, G: Win7 (HDD-1) no change, and J: Win7 (HDD-0) with C Drive being flagged with the Windows XP Icon.

    And if I booted into the HDD-1 copy of Windows 7:
    C: Win7 (HDD-1), D: WinXP and J: Win7 (HDD-0)

    So, booting changed the drive of the desired OS to C: each time and moved the OS that was C to another drive letter.

    After the Windows 10 upgrade the drives are labeled:

    C: Win10, D: WinXP, G: Win7

    Booting to Win10 and WinXP does change the active OS to C.

    But booting to Win7 does not rearrange the drive letters; in other words, Win7 stays G: not C:

    I don't know why, the boot manger looks correct (from EasyBCD 2.3):

    There are a total of 3 entries listed in the bootloader.

    Default: Windows 10
    Timeout: 10 seconds
    Boot Drive: C:\

    Entry #1
    Name: Windows 10
    BCD ID: {current}
    Drive: C:\
    Bootloader Path: \WINDOWS\system32\winload.exe

    Entry #2
    Name: Microsoft Windows 7 1-Win7
    BCD ID: {f510424d-7031-11e4-8421-00219b205fea}
    Drive: G:\
    Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

    Entry #3
    Name: Microsoft Windows XP
    BCD ID: {f510424e-7031-11e4-8421-00219b205fea}
    Drive: D:\
    Bootloader Path: \NST\ntldr

    Thoughts as to why Win7 does not get the C: drive letter when I boot to it and it appears to run but with the LogonUI error.

    As an aside, I no longer have the "not genuine" message - I ran a Cmd of slmgr -rearm and "maybe" that resolved the Build 7601 issue. But I still have a black screen right after the Error of LogonUI.exe and then the blue Welcome screen, it goes black with another LogonUI error.
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  2.    25 Nov 2015 #12

    Could it be that when you booted into HDD-1 Windows 7 before the upgrade to Windows 10 that your HDD-1 Windows 7 was actually G: drive and the C: drive was pointing back to the original HDD-0 Windows 7? I think your problems are related to drive letter assignments. Windows 7 is looking for files that were originally on the HDD-0 the whole time and you took those files away when upgraded to Windows 10.
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  3.    25 Nov 2015 #13

    Well, I don't think so -- the reason is that the Win7 on C had a different desktop and shortcuts than the Win7 on G (Actually, I put an empty folder on each desktop (O-Win7 & 1-Win7, 0-WinXP, 1-WinXP) so by looking at the desktop I knew which OS was booted.

    Also, its strange but the Windows folder in Win7 shows 130,592 Files and 28,007 folders but the Windows.old folder left by Windows 10 upgrade shows 108,783 files and 23, 058 folders. Don't know why the difference.

    Question: And maybe this is just old thinking, but does Windows 7 have a "Repair Console" or was that way back in Windows XP.

    I guess this may all come down to having to format that G partiton and reinstall Windows 7 & all the associated Applications. I know I can get the User files before the format - it just bugs me that this LogonUI error seems to be the stumbling point and I can run everything from the Task Manager.

    If it comes to the reinstall, the machine originally came with Windows Home and I upgraded to Windows Pro. Can the reinstall be from the Windows Pro disk, even though it says Upgrade?

    I'll check for your reply but am going to call it quits for today. I've booted so many times I can't see straight.

    If your "name" is an indication, "Thank You for your Service". Have a great Thanksgiving!

    If you keep thinking about this issue, please let me know.

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  4.    26 Nov 2015 #14

    Hi - By the way, I believe that previous post about the drive letters not changing may be incorrect. When I booted on to Win7 and ran the cmd to fix the Not Genuine issue, it had to be from C: So I think the system did change from G to C on that boot - since I can't actually see the My Computer, I really didn't think it had changed.

    Any chance running a sfc /scanow would help?

    Jumping ahead, what is the correct process for installing Windows 7 "after" Windows 10 if I have to format that partition on HDD-1 and reinstall clean?

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  5.    26 Nov 2015 #15

    Running sfc /scannow might help. Certainly would not hurt.

    Have you tried a new (temporary) user account to see if that changes anything?

    If it has been less than 30 days since upgrading to Windows 10, you can revert HDD-0 back to Windows 7. If that fixes the problem then you have confirmed that the problem is the sharing of some files between the two Windows 7 partitions.

    To do a clean install of Windows 7, you will boot from the Windows 7 DVD. Select custom install option which will give you a list of hard drives and partitions. Select the Windows 7 partition on HDD-1 and reformat it then install to it. It will automatically keep the dual boot menu.
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  6.    26 Nov 2015 #16

    Hi - Actually, I don't know how to create a new user account when I can only seem to run the Task Manger.

    I'll run the sfc /scannow - got nothing to loose.

    And with the difference in the number of files and folders in the Windows.old vs. what's in the Windows folder in the Win7, I'm not sure I even what to think about that roll back.
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  7.    26 Nov 2015 #17

    If you want to keep an installation of Windows 7, I think your best course of action is a clean install.
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  8.    26 Nov 2015 #18

    At this point, I agree. Probably wasted a lot of time on this already.

    Is this just by using the Windows 7 Pro upgrade disk? Will it give me a choice as to which partition I want the Win7 to reside? Will I need to change boot manger or will that happen automatically?

    Still bugs me that everything seems to run, just not the login.
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  9.    26 Nov 2015 #19

    Solved - sort of. Found that I had an image of the Win7 HDD-1 partition. It was not current, but rather than doing a new install, I figured at this point it would be worth having Macrium restore that partition from the image. Booted just fine.

    I still have no idea what happened during the Windows 10 upgrade of the Win7 HDD-0 partition that would have affected the other location. Obviously something clobbered files since scf /scannow found damaged files but could not repair them.

    Thanks for sticking with me during this issue. Much appreciated advice.
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  10.    26 Nov 2015 #20

    Glad you got it fixed!
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