Here's what I did to get this issue:
- With EasyBCD, create new entry on newly shrinked and partioned HDD space for Win7
- Install Win7 from USB
- On the first reboot of the install, the pc boots from the USB again as if its forgotten that it just initialized win7.
- I figure whatever and try to install it again and now only my external HDD is displayed in the list of available storage.
- Went into BIOS to try and force boot from the installed HDD, but only my USB was showing so neither of my 2x HDD and 1x SSD were detected.
- Pull out USB and exit BIOS without saving changes.
- Tells me there is nothing to boot from at all.
- I press the reset button on my PC
- Now I get 2x Win7 entries and 1x Win10 entry. I select the first win7 entry which apparently was the right one.
- Proceeded to finish installation of Win7 with no USB plugged in.
- The 2nd win7 entry disappeared after the 2nd install reboot

Now here's the strange part, when I select win10 to boot, I get the "windows is loading files" screen as if I were going to install win7 but once the grey loading bar hits the end, the win10 logo pops into place and then the loading dots in the bottom of the screen are overlaid on top of the win7 loading bar, its looking really strange and then it proceeds to boot into the blue "fix my PC" screen.
I tried to repair for boot failure but that didn't work.

How can I fix my boot? Don't tell me I have to do a clean win10 install please.